iTox – integrative toxicology

In iTox we aim to integrate data and knowledge from different fields of toxicology to investigate molecular toxicological events and their relation to adverse outcomes on the organism scale. The integration of own data with knowledge and data from databases and other sources is key in our research that aims at understanding general and specific toxicological processes relevant for human and environmental health.

In different projects we work on the investigation, modelling and visualisation of toxicogenomic effects in zebrafish embryos and study time and concentration dependencies as well as mixture and recovery effects (see also:

Biotox 6
Picture: predicted (A) and observed (B) whole transcriptome effect patterns in the zebrafish embryo after mixture exposure (Smax=Sensitivity, sum(CI)=measure for significance)
Furthermore, we collect, investigate and apply mode of action knowledge and effect data of chemicals for environmental mixture risk assessment and develop tools for data management and data integration.

Tools and Software

a R Shiny tool for exploration and visualization of time and concentration dependent toxicogenomic data obtained with the zebrafish embryo model

Integrated software and database for effect observations on organism scale

Group members

itox group
Photo: Sebastian Wiedling

If you are interested in joining the group please contact Wibke Busch

Dr. Wibke Busch
Group Leader
Phone: +49 341 6025 1581

Paul Michaelis
Phone: +49 341 6025 1823

Dr. Maryam Azarian
Phone: +49 341 6025 2868

Dr. Nils Klüver
Phone +49 341 6025 1558

Janet Krüger
Phone: +49 341 6025 1480

Bente Nissen
Phone +49 341 6025 2861

Lukas Nerlich
Student assistant

Berfin Erdogan
Student assistant

Maxi Steinmetz
Master student

iTox Alumni

Lena Kramer, Student Assistant 2021-2023, University Tübingen

Bernhard Kodritsch, PhD student 2020-2023, next position: Scientist at German Environmental Agency (UBA)

Konstantinos Gkrintzalis, Visiting Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) 2021-2023, Assistant Professor Dublin City University, Ireland

Gianina Jakobs, PhD Student 2019-2022, next position: Sustainability Manager at Edelrid

Marco Rump, Master Student 2022, next position: PhD student at Alfred-Wegner Institute (AWI)

Paula Klein, Student Assistant 2022, Technical University Dresden

Maria Franz, Student Assistant 2021, Technical University Munich

David Leuthold, PhD Student 2017-2020, next position: PostDoc at UFZ

Sophie Scholz, Student Assistant 2020, University Potsdam

Andreas Schüttler, PhD Student and PostDoc 2016-2019, next position: Group Leader at German Federal Institute of Hydrology

Joseline Alt, Student Assistent 2019, FU Berlin

Jona Schulze, Master Student 2019, next position: Scientist at German Environmental Agency (UBA)

Marie Miotke, Master Student 2019, next position: GENEWIZ Germany GmbH

Stefan Krämer, Master Student 2018, next position: PhD student at UFZ

Marcella Bader-Blukott, Student Assistant 2018, University Leipzig

Jelena Fix, Master Student 2018, next position: GENEWIZ Germany GmbH