#2 High-throughput bioassays with bacteria



The CITEpro module “High-throughput bioassays with bacteria” is used for the testing of single chemicals, mixtures and environmental samples using bacteria-based assays such as the Ames test. Genotoxicity test are done with samples with and without metabolic activation (1). The samples are then dosed with a Hamilton Start robot in 384 well plates and bacteria are added (2). After incubation cytotoxicity is assessed using a plate reader (3). Then each 384 well plate is copied over to 12 x 384 well plates and revertant indicator added using the pipetting robot (2). After another 48h the number of revertant well is scored with a plate reader (3).


Ames test and other bacterial assays

Main components

1. Pipetting robot Hamilton Star
2. Incubators
3. Plate reader Infinite F200