Felipe Christian Roberto Benra

PhD Student

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Puschstraße 4
04103 Leipzig




Felipe Benra

Research Interests

I am interested in ecological, economic and social analysis of ecosystem services. It fascinates me to see how ecosystem services react to different drivers such as land use change and land tenure patterns. These drivers influence provision and demand of ecosystem services and in some cases makes them extremely unequal. I am also interested in incentives given for provision of ecosystems services such as payment for ecosystem services (PES) their implementation, dynamics, attributes and real world impact. Further, I model and map ecosystem services change, mostly with the aim of generating scientific and policy tools for linking ecosystem services with people’s well-being.

Scientific Career

since 08/2018

PhD Student, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ and German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

03/2015 - 07/2018

Research assistant in project Fondecyt 1151187 “Socio-ecological systems’ trajectories: Conceptual development and empirical application at the municipality level in southern Chile”. Universidad Austral de Chile.

05/2015 - 08/2015

Scientific work in the VESPLAN Network. This network focuses on the vulnerability analysis of socio-ecological systems to the loss of ecosystem services. Universidad Austral de Chile.

03/2015 - 05/2015

Work in Project Fondecyt 1140530 “Consequences of spatial heterogeneity on biodiversity and ecosystem services in changing forest landscapes” Universidad Austral de Chile.

02/2014 - 12/2014

Scientific Work in the project entitled “Bridging Ecosystem Services and Territorial Planning (BEST-P): A southern South American initiative”. The BEST-P Project has the vision of studying and linking ecosystem services with land-use planning and the analysis of biophysical, social and economic capital.


Field assistant in a research project "Fondecyt High Resolution Hydroclimate Variability in the Central Andes of Chile and Argentina during the Last Millennium: A Tree-Ring and Modeling Perspective", Valdivia, Chile. This project studies the climates of the past through the tree-rings, providing tools to understand the climate of the future.

02/2013 - 06/2013

Field assistant in doctoral research of the "FarmLand - European network on farmland heterogeneity, biodiversity and ecosystem services" project. The doctoral works are entitled "Landscape scale farmland heterogeneity and pollination services" and "Landscape scale farmland heterogeneity and biological control services", Göttingen, Germany. I did this work as an exchange student in the context of a student practice.


Research assistant of the research project Fondecyt 1110744. Universidad Austral de Chile. Valdivia, Region of the Rivers, Chile. Native forest management area.

01/2011 -

Field assistant for the Fondecyt project 1100555 "The late Pleistocene - Early Holocene site of Pilauco (south - central Chile): paleoenviroment and taphonomy", Osorno, Chile. This study is delves into Pleistocene flora and fauna of the Pilauco site.

03/2009 -

Universidad Austral de Chile
Degree (Diplom) in natural resource conservation engineering with maximum distinction



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Pre-IDIV publications


2018      Nahuelhual, L.,Benra, F. Laterra, P. Marin, S. M. Arriagada, R. Jullian, C. Patterns of ecosystem services supply across farm properties: Implications for ecosystem services-based policy incentives. Science of the Total Environment. 941–950. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.04.042

2016      Nahuelhual, L., F. Benra, F. Rojas, G. Ignacio Díaz, and A. Carmona. 2016. Mapping social values of ecosystem services: What is behind the map? Ecology and Society 21(3):24. http://dx.doi.org/10.5751/ES-08676-210324


2019      L. Nahuelhual, G. Saavedra; C. Jullian; A. Mellado; F. Benra. Exploring Traps in Forest and Marine Socio-Ecological Systems of Southern and Austral Chile. In: Social-ecological systems of Latin America: complexities and challenges. Springer Verlag.

2017      Nahuelhual, L., Benra, F. Jullian, C. 2017. Panguipulli: su capital natural y servicios ecosistémicos. ISBN: 978-956-390-017-0

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