Eleonore Slabbert


Eleonore Slabbert
Conservation ecologist
Dr. nat.

Department Conservation Biology & Ecological Systems
Theodor-Lieser-Str. 4
06120 Halle, Germany

Tel: +49 345 558 5222

Eleonore Slabbert

Research interests

Conservation ecologist with an keen interest in socio-ecological systems, community based natural resource management and different fields related to sustainable land management.

My doctoral research aimed to address knowledge gaps in understanding how land management impacts above- and belowground biodiversity. Investigating the scale-dependent and mechanistic impact of land use on multiple taxanomic groups for advancing multifunctionality within agroecosystems. The focus across the soil interface make this work especially interesting and novel. 

Currently I work as part of the international EU project SPRING (Strengthening Pollinator Recovery through INdicators and monitorinG). Within this capacity I am mainly responsible for supporting the advancement of taxonomic capacity with in the EU, and supporting the pilot monitoring scheme.

Projects / Collaborations

As part of the regional coordination team for the Central European I work closely with other UFZ based colleagues. Additionally via the SPRING project I collaborate with various partners across Europe.

During my PhD I worked with the monitoring data from the TERENO Harz/Central Germany sites, collaborating with colleagues across the soil interface. We aimed to synthesis some of the datasets of above- and belowground taxa groups so as to gain a more holistic understanding of how agro-ecosystems are shaped by proportionally by biotic and abiotic factors.

Terrestrail Environmental Observatories (TERENO)

PhD researcher was completed with support from Prof. Dr. Tiffany Knight and the Spatial Interaction Ecology working group. As well as Oliver Schweiger as Project Instigator, and other colleagues at the Department for Community Ecology.

Spatial Interaction Ecology (iDiv) Department of Community Ecology    

Curriculum Vita & Scientific Career

2022 Jul - present

Jun 2017 - Jul 2022

2017 Jan - Jun

2016 Jul - Dec

2016 Apr - Jun

Current position, part of the SPRING Central European team, leading on taxonomic capacity building 

Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ (Ecologist, PhD research)

Project proposal development for community based projects (for Indigo Development & Change)

Environmental Educator for Department of Environmental Affairs (South Africa)

Internship at Indigo Development and Change (Non-Profit based in South Africa)

2014 - Mar 2016

Stellenbosch University, South Africa, M.Sc. Applied Entomology


2010 - 2013

Stellenbosch University, South Africa, B.Sc. Conservation Ecology