Falkenber - Lysimeter station. Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ

Falkenberg – Lysimeter station


Lysimeter station / Photo: UFZ A lysimeter allows monitoring of water and mass transport processes in the soil at almost natural conditions. It consists of a container filled with soil where passing fluxes of water, nutrients and contaminants are recorded and analysed. Weighable lysimeters enable the direct measurement of precipitation and seepage and hereby the deduction of evapotranspiration. Lysimeter experiments have proven to be an effective tool for evaluating and predicting the impact of current land use and future changes on the budget of water and elements. Furthermore, the experiments provide reproducible data and are, therefore, suitable for the validation of mathematical models.


  • Access to technical equipment for the visualisation (incl. mobile)
  • Consultancy regarding possible visualisation method
  • Training courses


Dr. Holger Rupp
Department Soils System Science

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