The basics:

Why a scholarship?

  • independent from supervisors and the institution
  • self-chosen topic
  • no taxes

Which potential disadvantages could a scholarship have?

Guest instead of employee

  • no insurance on your way to work
  • no extra payment for good performance (Leistungsorientierte Bezahlung)
  • Not part of pension fund (VBL)
  • No extra payment on Christmas (Jahressonderszahlung)
Lacking security
  • no pension payments
  • no entitlement to unemployment money
  • higher health insurance costs
  • breaks (illness, pregnancy) are not planned for
  • maternity leave not always possible (check with funding agency)

How to apply?

Applying for a scholarship lies solely with the funding agencies. Therefore, please inform yourself on their webpages about requirements, duties, advantages, disadvantages or deadlines.

If you wish to work with a specific professor or department head, please contact her/ him in advance.