Dr. Martin David


Dr. Martin David

Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology
Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Tel.: +49 - 341 - 235 4741
Fax: +49 - 341 - 235 1836
Martin David

Martin David

Research Areas

  • Sustainability transformation and transition
  • Exnovation and innovation
  • Technology governance
  • Anticipative Governance, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Current Projects

Research Group GORmin


Selected publications


David, M, Rutjes, H., Bleicher, A. (2019): The relational sociology of eco-innovation, Revista Española de Sociología (accepted).

David, M., Koch, F. (2019): “Smart is not smart enough!” Anticipating critical raw material use in smart city concepts: the example of smart grids, Sustainability 11, 4422.

David, M.; Gross, M. (2019): Futurizing politics and the sustainability of real-world experiments: What role for innovation and exnovation in the German energy transition? Sustainability Science, online first: doi.org/10.1007/s11625-019-00681-0

Bleicher, A., David, M., Rutjes, H. (2019): When environmental legacy becomes a resource: On the making of secondary resources, Geoforum 101, 18–27.


David, M. (2018): The role of organized publics in articulating the exnovation of fossil-fuel technologies for intra- and intergenerational energy justice in energy transitions, Applied Energy 228, 339–350.

David, M.; Schönborn, S. (2018): Bottom-Up Energy Transition Narratives: Linking the Global with the Local? A Comparison of Three German Renewable Co-Ops. Sustainability 10, 924.

David, M. (2018): Exnovation as a successful strategy for energy transitions, in: Davidson, D; Gross, M. (eds.): Oxford Energy and Society Handbook, Oxford University Press, 520–537.


David, M. (2017): Moving beyond the heuristic of creative destruction: Targeting exnovation with policy mixes for energy transitions. Energy Research & Social Science, 33: 138–146.

David, M., Wallkamm, M., Bleicher, A. (2017): Resource extraction technologies - is a more responsible path of development possible? Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, 14(4): 367–391.

David, M., Wallkamm, M., Bleicher, A. (2017): Die Rohstoffversorgung für die Energiewende: Nicht nur auf technologische Lösungen setzen! GAIA 26(2): 84–8.


David, M. (2016): Bürger-Energiewende: Wissen durch Handeln? Eine komparative Fallstudie über soziale Dynamiken der Wissensgenese zweier deutscher Unternehmen im erneuerbaren Energiebereich, Reihe Umweltsoziologie, Nomos.

David, M.; Schönborn, Sophia (2016): Die Energiewende als Bottom-up-Innovation – Wie Pionierprojekte das Energiesystem verändern, Reihe Transformationen, Oekom.