Sports activities at UFZ Leipzig

Volleyball at UFZ. Photo: UFZ

Beach volleyball

(UFZ Leipzig) The beach volley field behind building 7 is open for interested players!
Please note: Playing only possible between 15:00 and 20:30 h! Balls have to be organized by players.
Organization of court timetable: please contact Robert Köhler (TUCHEM)

Climber on rock. Photo: UFZ


(UFZ Leipzig & Halle) If interested in climbing you can become member of the UFZ-climbing group. The climbing enthusiasts meet irregularly in the Leipzig climbing hall "No limit" or somewhere outside (K4, crags around Leipzig and Halle, Sächsische Schweiz, etc.)...

Soccer. Photo: anekoho/Fotolia


Soccer is the most popular sports activity in Germany. There are innummerous soccer clubs or soccer meetings amongst friends. We invite you to join our UFZ-soccer group: Wednesday 7:00 pm at Egidius-Braun-Sportschule (10 min walk from UFZ). According to the weather we can use the synthetic outdoor turf or the indoor gym.

Feel free to contact us:

Fitness studio. Photo: UFZ

Fitness studio (UFZ Leipzig)


Physiotherapy (UFZ Leipzig)

Information and opening hours

contact: 0341/308 17 101 or 0341/235 1045
building 2.0/rooms 034-036

UFZ sports course system 

As UFZ member you are allowed to register for our sports courses at UFZ like Zumba, TaeBo, back therapy training, etc.

Please, contact: Uta Marx