Physico-chemical processes

The working group coordinates and integrates the scientific measurement campaigns of the Research vessel ALBIS.


Dr. Martina Baborowski

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Brückstraße 3a
39114 Magdeburg

The scientific activities of the working group focus on investigations of the temporal and spatial variability of the dissolved and particulate matter transport (especially heavy metals and arsenic) in large rivers. Thereby the influence of morphological and hydrological factors on the distribution of pollutants within the dissolved, colloidal and particulate phase as well as the compartments water and sediment is of special interest.
A combination of physical methods (measurement of concentration, particle size, surface and settling velocity of suspended particles), chemical analysis (concentration and partition coefficient of selected pollutants) as well as biological methods (structure and composition) is applied to characterise the particulate phase.

The investigations aim at the identification of main trigger parameters of matter transport in large rivers. More detailed knowledge about these parameters and its interactions is necessary to reduce the uncertainty in forecasting pollution potentials of floodplains and the sea.

Results of the investigations will be part of transport models. Moreover they support authorities by providing additional information of latent pollution potentials in the catchment area. They also support the optimisation of monitoring strategies.