Fields of Research Activity

Biosensors - Development and Application

Our goal is the development, validation, and application of biosensors. Biosensors provide the possibility to perform measurements - in a simple, time- and cost-effective way - in the fields of environmental and food analysis, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, and clinical diagnostics. Depending on the measuring device combined with the sensor, single determinations, screening, or on-line monitoring are possible. Biosensor devices can also be employed in environmental monitoring or for biotechnology control.

A BIOSENSOR is a measuring device consisting of a biological recognition element (biological receptor) and a transducer in direct spacial contact. The signal which is provided after the selective formation of analyte-receptor conjugates or a chemical reaction of analyte and receptor is then transferred to the electrical domain in order to give selective quantative or semi-quantitative analytical information.

Aptamers - New Molecular Recognition Elements

Functional principle of the molecular recognition by use of aptamers

APTAMERS are nucleic acid compounds that can be used as innovative receptors in biosensors. Aptamers are short, single stranded oligonucleotides (ssDNA or ssRNA) which are able to bind non-nucleic acid targets with high specifiy, sensitivity, and selectivity due to their complex three-dimensional secondary structure (comparable with antigen-antibody interactions).
For this purpose, we modified the usual SELEX procedure (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment) and established FluMag-SELEX.
We are now able to develop DNA-aptamers for a wide variety of applications. Recent work deals with pollutants or targets relevant in medicine.
Besides being applied as new moleculare recognition elements in biosensors, aptamers can be used in test kits or for affinity enrichment methods.

  • Application-oriented development of biosensors in co-operation with companies
  • Development of aptamers for their use in biosensors, test kits, and affinity enrichment methods
  • Application of biosensors in (bio)process optimization
  • Validation of biosensor systems
  • Technical advice concerning application and development of biosensors for analytical purposes


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