Microbial Processes in the Rhizosphere of Constructed Wetlands

  • Quantifying the fate of pharmaceutical compounds and other recalcitrant organic compounds in planted systems
  • Isolating bacteria capable to degrade certain pharmaceutical compounds (ibuprofen, diclofenac, sulfamethoxazole). Elucidation of the physiological parameters, identification of their catabolic genes
  • Effect of fluctuating conditions and release of root exudates on the expression of these catabolic genes in planted systems
  • Process relevant adaptive mechanisms of microorganisms to changing environmental conditions


Phytotechnicum with planted fixed bed reactor

Soil and Sediment Processes

  • Controlling compound´s fate in the environment
  • Turnover and mass balances of organic compounds and contaminants in soils and sediments under various environmental conditions (ecosystems)
  • Contribution of microbes to contaminant turnover
  • Non-extractable residue (NER) formation from xenobiotics including assessment of biogenic residues
  • Impact and contribution of microbes, microbial biomass and necromass to the formation of (refractory) soil organic matter
REM Picture