Experimental Allergy and Immunology

Helmholtz University Research Group "Experimental Allergy and Immunology (EIA)"

Research Topics

The prevalence of allergic diseases has risen rapidly in the last two decades, especially in industrialized countries. Epidemiological studies offer increasing evidence that exposure to environmental pollutants is associated with the development of allergic diseases. In colaboration with the Leipzig University our Reserach Group investigates the role of environmental chemicals as risk factors for the development of allergic asthma or other immune diseases. Using a transgenerational mouse model we are in particular interested to what extent maternal exposure to chemicals affects the disease risk in the offspring. These findings may contribute to identify crucial disease risks and to develope new prevention strategies.

Selected Publications

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Schütze N, Lehmann I, Bönisch U, Simon JC, Polte T. Exposure to mycotoxins increases the allergic immune response in a murine asthma model. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 181: 1188-1199. Cover Press Release
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