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Title (Primary) Koenigs-Knorr synthesis of cycloalkyl glycosides
Author Wimmer, Z.; Pechová, L.; Saman, D.;
Journal Molecules
Year 2004
Department UBT; UBZ;
Volume 9
Issue 11
Language englisch;
Keywords Koenigs-Knorr synthesis; Cycloalkyl-β-D-glucopyranosides; Cycloalkyl-β- D-galactopyranosides; Cadmium carbonate
Abstract Cadmium carbonate was found to be a useful promoter in the Koenigs-Knorrsynthesis of 2-(4-methoxybenzyl)cyclohexyl-β-D-glycopyranosides. Using this promotermodel glucoside and galactoside derivatives of cyclic (i.e., secondary) alcohols weresynthesized in 50–60 % overall yields. Diastereoisomeric mixtures of products wereobtained in these syntheses, which started from racemic isomers of 2-(4-methoxy-benzyl)cyclohexanol. The prepared compounds have been purified and characterized bytheir 1H- and 13C-NMR spectra, as well as by their IR and MS spectra, in order to usethem as reference compounds in planned subsequent research.
ID 4659
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Wimmer, Z., Pechová, L., Saman, D. (2004):
Koenigs-Knorr synthesis of cycloalkyl glycosides
Molecules 9 (11), 902 - 912