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Title (Primary) DE-WWTP - data collection of wastewater treatment plants of Germany (status 2015, metadata), HydroShare
Author Büttner, O.;
Year 2020
Department ASAM;
Language englisch;
POF III (all) T32;
Abstract The waste water treatment data collection for Germany (DE-WWTP) was collected and put together at the UFZ in 2015/2016.

It is based on a query to all German federal states except Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen to provide the location of waste water treatment plants as well as the yearly load of nutrients to the receiving waters. The query was restricted to WWTPs with a population equivalent (PE) smaller then or equal to 2000 (data set 1). This data set was combined with the public available data for WWTPs with PE > 2000 (, data set 2).
The result (DE-WWTP) is a combination of both data sets containing all German WWTPs for all PE (data set 1 + data set 2).

DE-WWTP contains for most of the records the following information (sometimes only P or only N was reported):
- Name of WWTP
- federal state
- coordinates of effluent
- capacity of WWTP
- PE (population equivalent)
- size class of WWTP according to German law (
- annual discharged P [kg/year]
- annual discharged N [kg/year]

Raw data archive DE-WWTP
The raw data of the DE-WWTP is archived in a repository using a fixed URL:

All data can be assessed there when right and permissions allows to. More information can be found under the stated URL.

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ID 23626
Persistent UFZ Identifier
Büttner, O. (2020):
DE-WWTP - data collection of wastewater treatment plants of Germany (status 2015, metadata), HydroShare