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22337 Ayllón, D., Railsback, S.F., Harvey, B.C., García Quirós, I., Nicola, G.G., Elvira, B., Almodóvar, A. (2019):
Mechanistic simulations predict that thermal and hydrological effects of climate change on Mediterranean trout cannot be offset by adaptive behaviour, evolution, and increased food production
Sci. Total Environ. 693 , art. 133648
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19903 Djukic, I., Kepfer-Rojas, S., Schmidt, I.K., Larsen, K.S., Beier, C., Berg, B., Verheyen, K., Schmidt, A., Rebmann, C., Auge, H., García Quirós, I., Stadler, J., Dienstbach, L., Frenzel, M., Schädler, M., TeaComposition Network, et al. (2018):
Early stage litter decomposition across biomes
Sci. Total Environ. 628–629 , 1369 - 1394
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