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22436 Clark, A.T., Turnbull, L.A., Tredennick, A., Allan, E., Harpole, W.S., Mayfield, M.M., Soliveres, S., Barry, K., Eisenhauer, N., de Kroon, H., Rosenbaum, B., Wagg, C., Weigelt, A., Feng, Y., Roscher, C., Schmid, B. (2020):
Predicting species abundances in a grassland biodiversity experiment: Trade‚Äźoffs between model complexity and generality
J. Ecol. 108 (2), 774 - 787
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22477 Feng, Y., Soliveres, S., Allan, E., Rosenbaum, B., Wagg, C., Tabi, A., De Luca, E., Eisenhauer, N., Schmid, B., Weigelt, A., Weisser, W.W., Roscher, C., Fischer, M. (2020):
Inferring competitive outcomes, ranks and intransitivity from empirical data: A comparison of different methods
Methods Ecol. Evol. 11 (1), 117 - 128
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20813 Hirt, M.R., Grimm, V., Li, Y., Rall, B.C., Rosenbaum, B., Brose, U. (2018):
Bridging scales: allometric random walks link movement and biodiversity research
Trends Ecol. Evol. 33 (9), 701 - 712
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25391 Voigt, E., Rall, B.C., Chatzinotas, A., Brose, U., Rosenbaum, B. (2021):
Phage strategies facilitate bacterial coexistence under environmental variability
PeerJ 9 , art. e12194
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