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5301 Wiegand, T., Snyman, H.A., Kellner, K. (2003):
From individual scale to population and community scale: modeling dynamics of the semi-arid grasslands of South Africa
In: Allsopp, N., Palmer, A.R., Milton, S.J., Kirkman, K.P., Kerley, G.I.H., Hurt, C.R., Brown, C.J. (eds.)
7th International Rangelands Congress. Rangelands in the new millenium, Durban/South Africa, 26 July-1 August 2003
Document Transformation Technologies, Durban, p. 37 - 47
4654 Wiegand, T., Snyman, H.A., Kellner, K., Paruelo, J.M. (2004):
Do grasslands have a memory: modeling phytomass production of a semiarid South African grassland
Ecosystems 7 (3), 243 - 258
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