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234 Hansjürgens, B., Kettunen, M., Schröter-Schlaack, C., White, S., Wittmer, H., Shine, C., Atkinson, G., Barrerra, L., Bridgewater, P., Donovan, D., van der Esch, S., Kessler, J.K., Killeen, T., Laxton, H., Lughadha, E.N., Morling, P., Ninan, K., Oteng-Yeboah, A., Simons, B., Simons, M., Smith, P., Tucker, G., Vakrou, A., Vause, J., Withana, S., Young, C.E. (2009):
Chapter 2: Framework and guiding principles for the policy response
In: ten Brink, P., Hansjürgens, B., Kaplan, S., Karousakis, K., Kettunen, M., Lehmann, M., Bouamrane, M., Mountford, H., Ruhweza, A., Schauer, M., Schröter-Schlaack, C., Simons, B., Vakrou, A., van der Esch, S., Vause, J., Verma, M., Weber, J.-L., White, S., Wittmer, H. (eds.)
TEEB - The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity for national and international policy makers
p. 1 - 24
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