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22456 Cleland, E.E., Lind, E.M., DeCrappeo, N.M., DeLorenze, E., Wilkins, R.A., Adler, P.B., Bakker, J.D., Brown, C.S., Davies, K.F., Esch, E., Firn, J., Gressard, S., Gruner, D.S., Hagenah, N., Harpole, W.S., Hautier, Y., Hobbie, S.E., Hofmockel, K.S., Kirkman, K., Knops, J., Kopp, C.W., La Pierre, K.J., MacDougall, A., McCulley, R.L., Melbourne, B.A., Moore, J.L., Prober, S.M., Riggs, C., Risch, A.C., Schuetz, M., Stevens, C., Wragg, P.D., Wright, J., Borer, E.T., Seabloom, E.W. (2019):
Belowground biomass response to nutrient enrichment depends on light limitation across globally distributed grasslands
Ecosystems 22 (7), 1466 - 1477
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15690 Prober, S.M., Leff, J.W., Bates, S.T., Borer, E.T., Firn, J., Harpole, W.S., Lind, E.M., Seabloom, E.W., Adler, P.B., Bakker, J.D., Cleland, E.E., DeCrappeo, N.M., DeLorenze, E., Hagenah, N., Hautier, Y., Hofmockel, K.S., Kirkman, K.P., Knops, J.M.H., LaPierre, K.J., MacDougall, A.S., McCulley, R.L., Mitchell, C.E., Risch, A.C., Schuetz, M., Stevens, C.J., Williams, R.J., Fierer, N. (2015):
Plant diversity predicts beta but not alpha diversity of soil microbes across grasslands worldwide
Ecol. Lett. 18 (1), 85 - 95
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