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22645 Hennig, C., Majer, S., Oehmichen, K., Hirschl, B., Heinbach, K., Dahmen, N., Rau, I., Hildebrand, J., Schweizer-Ries, P., Erlach, B., Thrän, D. (2019):
Assessment framework for integrated bioenergy strategies
In: Carvalho, M.d.G., Scarlat, N., Grassi, A., Helm, P. (eds.)
27th European Biomass Conference : Setting the course for a biobased economy, 27-30 May 2019, Lisbon, Portugal
EUBCE Proceedings
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, Florence, p. 1779 - 1780
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23665 Thrän, D., Bauschmann, M., Dahmen, N., Erlach, B., Heinbach, K., Hirschl, B., Hildebrand, J., Rau, I., Majer, S., Oehmichen, K., Schweizer-Ries, P., Hennig, C. (2020):
Bioenergy beyond the German “Energiewende”–Assessment framework for integrated bioenergy strategies
Biomass Bioenerg. 142 , art. 105769
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