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64 Beyschlag, W., Hanisch, S., Friedrich, S., Jentsch, A., Werner, C. (2009):
15N natural abundance during early and late succession in middle-European dry acidic grassland
Plant Biol. 11 (5), 713 - 724
full text (doi)
16079 Costa-e-Silva, F., Correia, A.C., Piayda, A., Dubbert, M., Rebmann, C., Cuntz, M., Werner, C., David, J.S., Pereira, J.S. (2015):
Effects of an extremely dry winter on net ecosystem carbon exchange and tree phenology at a cork oak woodland
Agric. For. Meteorol. 204 , 48 - 57
full text (doi)
13963 Dubbert, M., Cuntz, M., Piayda, A., Maguás, C., Werner, C. (2013):
Partitioning evapotranspiration – Testing the Craig and Gordon model with field measurements of oxygen isotope ratios of evaporative fluxes
J. Hydrol. 496 , 142 - 153
full text (doi)
14930 Dubbert, M., Cuntz, M., Piayda, A., Werner, C. (2014):
Oxygen isotope signatures of transpired water vapor: the role of isotopic non-steady-state transpiration under natural conditions
New Phytol. 203 (4), 1242 - 1252
full text (doi)
14937 Dubbert, M., Mosena, A., Piayda, A., Cuntz, M., Correia, A.C., Pereira, J.S., Werner, C. (2014):
Influence of tree cover on herbaceous layer development and carbon and water fluxes in a Portuguese cork-oak woodland
Acta Oecol. - Int. J. Ecol. 59 , 35 - 45
full text (doi)
15602 Dubbert, M., Piayda, A., Cuntz, M., Correia, A.C., Costa e Silva, F., Pereira, J.S., Werner, C. (2014):
Stable oxygen isotope and flux partitioning demonstrates understory of an oak savanna contributes up to half of ecosystem carbon and water exchange
Front. Plant Sci. 5 , art. 530
full text (doi)
21994 Ilić, M., Werner, C., Fink, P. (2019):
Equal relevance of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids for the fitness of Daphnia spp.
Limnol. Oceanogr. 64 (16), 2512 - 2525
full text (doi)
2104 Müller, U., Stenzel, W., Köhler, G., Werner, C., Polte, T., Hansen, G., Schütze, N., Straubinger, R.K., Blessing, M., McKenzie, A.N.J., Brombacher, F., Alber, G. (2007):
IL-13 induces disease-promoting type 2 cytokines, alternatively activated macrophages and allergic inflammation during pulmonary infection of mice with Cryptococcus neoformans
J. Immunol. 179 (8), 5367 - 5377
full text (doi)
15635 Piayda, A., Dubbert, M., Rebmann, C., Kolle, O., Costa e Silva, F., Correia, A., Pereira, J.S., Werner, C., Cuntz, M. (2014):
Drought impact on carbon and water cycling in a Mediterranean Quercus suber L. woodland during the extreme drought event in 2012
Biogeosciences 11 (24), 7159 - 7178
full text (doi)
15740 Piayda, A., Dubbert, M., Werner, C., Correia, A.V., Pereira, J.S., Cuntz, M. (2015):
Influence of woody tissue and leaf clumping on vertically resolved leaf area index and angular gap probability estimates
For. Ecol. Manage. 340 , 103 - 113
full text (doi)
2918 Polte, T., Foell, J., Werner, C., Hoymann, H.G., Braun, A., Burdach, S., Mittler, R.S., Hansen, G. (2006):
CD137-mediated immunotherapy for allergic asthma
J. Clin. Invest. 116 (4), 1025 - 1036
full text (doi)
24351 Van Sundert, K., Khan, M.A.S.A., Bharath, S., Buckley, Y.M., Caldeira, M.C., Donohue, I., Dubbert, M., Ebeling, A., Eisenhauer, N., Eskelinen, A., Finn, A., Gebauer, T., Haider, S., Hansart, A., Jentsch, A., Kübert, A., Nijs, I., Nock, C.A., Nogueira, C., Porath‐Krause, A.J., Radujković, D., Raynaud, X., Risch, A.C., Roscher, C., Scherer‐Lorenzen, M., Schuchardt, M.A., Schütz, M., Siebert, J., Sitters, J., Spohn, M., Virtanen, R., Werner, C., Wilfahrt, P., Vicca, S. (2021):
Fertilized graminoids intensify negative drought effects on grassland productivity
Glob. Change Biol. 27 (11), 2441 - 2457
full text (doi)
24022 Werner, C.M., Kimuyu, D., Veblen, K.E., Sensenig, R.L., LaMalfa, E., Young, T.P. (2021):
Synergistic effects of long-term herbivory and previous fire on fine-scale heterogeneity of prescribed grassland burns
Ecology 102 (4), e03270
full text (doi)
23210 Werner, C.M., Stuble, K.L., Groves, A.M., Young, T.P. (2020):
Year effects: Interannual variation as a driver of community assembly dynamics
Ecology 101 (9), e03104
full text (doi)
11751 Werner, C., Schnyder, H., Cuntz, M., Keitel, C., Zeeman, M.J., Dawson, T.E., Badeck, F.-W., Brugnoli, E., Ghashghaie, J., Grams, T.E.E., Kayler, Z.E., Lakatos, M., Lee, X., Máguas, C., Ogée, J., Rascher, K.G., Siegwolf, R.T.W., Unger, S., Welker, J., Wingate, L., Gessler, A. (2012):
Progress and challenges in using stable isotopes to trace plant carbon and water relations across scales
Biogeosciences 9 (8), 3083 - 3111
full text (doi)
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