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22860 Wu, G.-L., Liu, Y.-F., Cui, Z., Liu, Y., Shi, Z.-H., Yin, R., Kardol, P. (2020):
Trade‐off between vegetation type, soil erosion control and surface water in global semi‐arid regions: A meta‐analysis
J. Appl. Ecol. 57 (5), 875 - 885
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25134 Wu, W.-B., Ma, J., Meadows, M.E., Banzhaf, E., Huang, T.-Y., Liu, Y.-F., Zhao, B. (2021):
Spatio-temporal changes in urban green space in 107 Chinese cities (1990–2019): The role of economic drivers and policy
Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinf. 103 , art. 102525
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