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14845 Hagemann, N., Klauer, B., Moynihan, R.M., Leidel, M., Scheifhacken, N. (2014):
The role of institutional and legal constraints on river water quality monitoring in Ukraine
Environ. Earth Sci. 72 (12), 4745 - 4756
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15413 Hagemann, N., Leidel, M. (2014):
Introducing river basin management in a transitional context: a case study about Ukraine
In: Huitema, D., Meijerink, S. (eds.)
The politics of river basin organisations: Coalitions, institutional design choices and consequences
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, p. 210 - 233
17362 Ibisch, R.B., Leidel, M., Niemann, S., Hornidge, A.-K., Goedert, R. (2016):
Capacity development for integrated water resources management: lessons learned from applied research projects
In: Borchardt, D., Bogardi, J.J., Ibisch, R.B. (eds.)
Integrated water resources management: concept, research and implementation
Springer, Basel, p. 335 - 373
full text (doi)
14764 Ibisch, R., Borchardt, D., Niemann, S., Goedert, R., Muñoz, M., Hornidge, A.-K., Ikhwan, M., Krug von Nidda, A., Felmeden, J., Schulz, O., Leidel, M. (2014):
Lessons learned with multi-level approaches for capacity development in applied research projects
In: Hülsmann, S., Ardakanian, R. (eds.)
Proceedings of the special session „Societal concerns and capacity development“ organized by UNU-FLORES at the 8th Symposium of European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS 8), Münster, Germany, 01-05 July 2013
United Nations University, Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES), Dresden, p. 51 - 68
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15512 Leidel, M., Hagemann, N., Seegert, J., Weigelt, C., Zakorchevna, N., Blumensaat, F. (2014):
Supporting decisions in water management by exploring information and capacity gaps: experiences from an IWRM study in the Western Bug River Basin, Ukraine
Environ. Earth Sci. 72 (12), 4771 - 4786
full text (doi)
11788 Leidel, M., Niemann, S., Hagemann, N. (2012):
Capacity development as a key factor for integrated water resources management (IWRM): improving water management in the Western Bug River Basin, Ukraine
Environ. Earth Sci. 65 (5), 1415 - 1426
full text (doi)
10247 Leidel, M., Niemann, S., Hagemann, N. (2010):
Capacity development for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in a transition country. Improving river basin management in the Western Bug basin, Ukraine
In: Steusloff, H. (ed.)
Integrated Water Resources Management Karlsruhe 2010: IWRM, International Conference, 24 - 25 November 2010, conference proceedings
KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, p. 382 - 388
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13202 Leidel, M., Niemann, S., Saliha, A.H., Cullmann, J., Seidel, N., Borchardt, D., Krebs, P., Bernhofer, C. (2013):
International viewpoint and news. IWRM education: e-learning module on Integrated Water Resources Management
Environ. Earth Sci. 68 (2), 609 - 613
full text (doi)
15510 Seegert, J., Berendonk, T.U., Bernhofer, C., Blumensaat, F., Dombrowsky, I., Fuehner, C., Grundmann, J., Hagemann, N., Kalbacher, T., Kopinke, F.-D., Liedl, R., Leidel, M., Lorz, C., Makeschin, F., Markova, D., Niemann, S., Röstel, G., Schanze, J., Scheifhacken, N., Schuetze, N., Siebert, C., Stefan, C., Strehlitz, B., Teutsch, G., Weigelt, C., Weiß, H., Kolditz, O., Borchardt, D., Krebs, P. (2014):
Integrated water resources management under different hydrological, climatic and socio-economic conditions: results and lessons learned from a transdisciplinary IWRM project IWAS
Environ. Earth Sci. 72 (12), 4677 - 4688
full text (doi)
15363 Sigel, K., Hagemann, N., Leidel, M., Niemann, S., Weigelt, C. (2014):
Insights regarding transdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer gained from two case studies on integrated water resources management in Ukraine and Mongolia
Interdiscip. Sci. Rev. 39 (4), 342 - 359
full text (doi)
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