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14535 Everett, S., Worgan, A.D.P., Sielezniew, M., Stankiewicz, A., Nash, D.N., Wynne, I., Nowicki, P., Tartally, A., Peregowitz, L., Tesar, D., Maes, D., Wynhoff, I., Anton, C., Musche, M., Bonelli, S., Wardlaw, J.C., Csõsz, S., Simcox, D.J., Elmes, G.W., Woyciechowski, M., Varga, Z., Settele, J., Thomas, G., Thomas, J.A., Schönrogge, K. (2005):
Variation in chemical profiles of Maculinea and their Myrmica hosts across Europe
In: Settele, J., Kühn, E., Thomas, J. (eds.)
Studies on the ecology and conservation of butterflies in Europe. Vol. 2. Species ecology along a European gradient: Maculinea butterflies as a model. Conference Proceedings, UFZ Leipzig-Halle, December 2005
Pensoft Series Faunistica 53
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 174 - 177
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