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16670 Abdulle, A., Attinger, S. (2004):
Homogenization method for transport of DNA particles in heterogeneous arrays
In: Attinger, S., Koumoutsakos, P. (eds.)
Multiscale modelling and simulation
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 39
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 23 - 33
full text (doi)
2440 Abdulle, A., Attinger, S. (2006):
Numerical methods for transport problems in microdevices
In: Lirkov, I., Margenov, S., Waśniewski, J. (eds.)
Large-scale scientific computing. 5th International Conference, LSSC 2005, Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 6-10, 2005. Revised Papers
Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 3743
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 67 - 75
full text (doi)
9740 Alexandrov, G.A., Ames, D., Bellocchi, C., Bruen, M., Crout, N., Erechtchoukova, M., Hildebrandt, A., Hoffmann, F., Jackisch, C., Khaiter, P., Mannina, G., Matsunaga, T., Purucker, S.T., Rivington, M., Samaniego, L. (2010):
Technical assessment and evaluation of environmental models and software: letter to the editor
Environ. Modell. Softw. 26 (3), 328 - 336
full text (doi)
13978 Allan, E., Weisser, W.W., Fischer, M., Schulze, E.-D., Weigelt, A., Roscher, C., Baade, J., Barnard, R.L., Beßler, H., Buchmann, N., Ebeling, A., Eisenhauer, N., Engels, C., Fergus, A.J.F., Gleixner, G., Gubsch, M., Halle, S., Klein, A.M., Kertscher, I., Kuu, A., Lange, M., Le Roux, X., Meyer, S.T., Migunova, V.D., Milcu, A., Niklaus, P.A., Oelmann, Y., Pašalić, E., Petermann, J.S., Poly, F., Rottstock, T., Sabais, A.C.W., Scherber, C., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Scheu, S., Steinbeiss, S., Schwichtenberg, G., Temperton, V., Tscharntke, T., Voigt, W., Wilcke, W., Wirth, C., Schmid, B. (2013):
A comparison of the strength of biodiversity effects across multiple functions
Oecologia 173 (1), 223 - 237
full text (doi)
11597 Al-Mushaikhi, K.S.A., Oswald, S., Attinger, S., Büchel, G., Knöller, K., Strauch, G. (2012):
Evaluation of groundwater dynamics and quality in the Najd aquifers located in the Sultanate of Oman
Environ. Earth Sci. 66 (4), 1195 - 1211
full text (doi)
23362 Amali, A.A., Mersha, A.N., Nofal, E.R., Murray, K., Norouzi, S., Saboory, S., Salo, H., Chevuru, S.R., Tabrizi, M.S., Reddy, P.K., Abdullahi, A.O., Farahani, H., Kolhe, P., Fard, R.D., Salik, A.W., Hussein, A.H., Najafi, H., Poormoghadam, M., Adiaha, M. (2020):
Non‐conventional sources of agricultural water management: Insights from young professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector
Irrig. Drain. 70 (3), 524 - 540
full text (doi)
736 Amisigo, B.A., van de Giesen, N., Rogers, C., Andah, W.E.I., Friesen, J. (2008):
Monthly streamflow prediction in the Volta basin of West Africa: A SISONARMAX polynomial modelling
Phys. Chem. Earth 33 (1-2), 141 - 150
full text (doi)
17095 Archfield, S.A., Clark, M., Arheimer, B., Hay, L.E., McMillan, H., Kiang, J.E., Seibert, J., Hakala, K., Bock, A., Wagener, T., Farmer, W.H., Andréassian, V., Attinger, S., Viglione, A., Knight, R., Markstrom, S., Over, T. (2015):
Accelerating advances in continental domain hydrologic modeling
Water Resour. Res. 51 (12), 10078 - 10091
full text (doi)
15490 Arnold, S., Attinger, S., Frank, K., Baxter, P., Possingham, H., Hildebrandt, A. (2016):
Ecosystem management along ephemeral rivers: trading off socio-economic water supply and vegetation conservation under flood regime uncertainty
River Res. Appl. 32 (3), 219 - 233
full text (doi)
16458 Arnold, S., Attinger, S., Frank, K., Hildebrandt, A. (2015):
Assessing the structural adequacy of alternative ecohydrological models using a pattern-oriented approach
Ecol. Model. 316 , 52 - 61
full text (doi)
20 Arnold, S., Attinger, S., Frank, K., Hildebrandt, A. (2009):
Uncertainty in parameterisation and model structure affect simulation results in coupled ecohydrological models
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 13 (10), 1789 - 1807
full text (doi)
21111 Attinger, S. (2018):
Wie (un)sicher ist die Zukunft? Smarte Modelle in der Umweltforschung. Essay
Umwelt Perspektiven (August 2018), 2 - 3
4689 Attinger, S. (2003):
Generalized coarse graining procedures for flow in porous media
Comput. Geosci. 7 (4), 253 - 273
full text (doi)
5326 Attinger, S. (2002):
Parameterizing macro-dispersivity: first pick a length scale. Brian Berkowitz (ed.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 263 pp, US $100.00 ISBN 0-7923-6779-0 (hardback), Published 2001
Hydrol. Process. 16 (8), 1685 - 1687
full text (doi)
752 Attinger, S., Abdulle, A. (2008):
Effective velocity for transport in heterogeneous compressible flows with mean drift
Phys. Fluids 20 (1), 016102
full text (doi)
3931 Attinger, S., Dentz, M., Kinzelbach, W. (2004):
Exact transverse macro dispersion coefficients for transport in heterogeneous porous media
Stoch. Environ. Res. Risk Assess. 18 (1), 9 - 15
full text (doi)
24 Attinger, S., Dimitrova, J., Kinzelbach, W. (2009):
Homogenization of the transport behavior of nonlinearly adsorbing pollutants in physically and chemically heterogeneous aquifers
Adv. Water Resour. 32 (5), 767 - 777
full text (doi)
5325 Attinger, S., Eberhard, J., Neuss, N. (2002):
Filtering procedures for flow in heterogeneous porous media: numerical results
Comput. Visual. Sci. 5 (2), 67 - 72
full text (doi)
16669 Attinger, S., Koumoutsakos, P. (eds., 2004):
Multiscale modelling and simulation
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 39
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 277 pp.
full text (doi)
4690 Attinger, S., Micha, J.D., Kinzelbach, W. (2003):
Multiscale modeling of nonlinearly adsorbing solute transport
Multiscale Model. Simul. 1 (3), 408 - 431
full text (doi)
6173 Attinger, S., Neuweiler, I., Kinzelbach, W. (2001):
Macrodispersion in a radially diverging flow field with finite Peclet numbers 2. Homogenization theory approach
Water Resour. Res. 37 (3), 495 - 505
full text (doi)
11385 Aubinet, M., Feigenwinter, C., Heinesch, B., Bernhofer, C., Canepa, E., Lindroth, A., Montagnani, L., Rebmann, C., Sedlak, P., van Gorsel, E. (2010):
Direct advection measurements do not help to solve the night-time CO2 closure problem: evidence from three different forests
Agric. For. Meteorol. 150 (5), 655 - 664
full text (doi)
19706 Ayllón, D., Grimm, V., Attinger, S., Hauhs, M., Simmer, C., Vereecken, H., Lischeid, G. (2018):
Cross-disciplinary links in environmental systems science: Current state and claimed needs identified in a meta-review of process models
Sci. Total Environ. 622-623 , 945 - 973
full text (doi)
22337 Ayllón, D., Railsback, S.F., Harvey, B.C., García Quirós, I., Nicola, G.G., Elvira, B., Almodóvar, A. (2019):
Mechanistic simulations predict that thermal and hydrological effects of climate change on Mediterranean trout cannot be offset by adaptive behaviour, evolution, and increased food production
Sci. Total Environ. 693 , art. 133648
full text (doi)
24992 Baatz, R., Hendricks Franssen, H.J., Euskirchen, E., Sihi, D., Dietze, M., Ciavatta, S., Fennel, K., Beck, H., De Lannoy, G., Pauwels, V.R.N., Raiho, A., Montzka, C., Willams, M., Mishra, U., Poppe, C., Zacharias, S., Lausch, A., Samaniego, L., Van Looy, K., Bogena, H., Adamescu, M., Mirtl, M., Fox, A., Goergen, K., Naz, B.S., Zeng, Y., Vereecken, H. (2021):
Reanalysis in Earth system science: Toward terrestrial ecosystem reanalysis
Rev. Geophys. 59 (3), e2020RG000715
full text (doi)
19312 Babel, W., Lüers, J., Hübner, J., Rebmann, C., Wichura, B., Thomas, C.K., Serafimovich, A., Foken, T. (2017):
Long-term carbon and water vapour fluxes
In: Foken, T. (ed.)
Energy and Matter Fluxes of a Spruce Forest Ecosystem
Ecological Studies 229
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 73 - 96
full text (doi)
3170 Bárdossy, A., Pegram, G.G.S., Samaniego, L. (2005):
Modeling data relationships with a local variance reducing technique: applications in hydrology
Water Resour. Res. 41 (8), W08404
full text (doi)
5344 Bárdossy, A., Samaniego, L. (2002):
Fuzzy rule-based classification of remotely sensed imagery
IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing 40 (2), 362 - 374
full text (doi)
22086 Baroni, G., Drastig, K., Lichtenfeld, A.-U., Jost, L., Claas, P. (2019):
Assessment of irrigation scheduling systems in Germany: Survey of the users and comparative study
Irrig. Drain. 68 (3), 520 - 530
full text (doi)
16078 Baroni, G., Oswald, S.E. (2015):
A scaling approach for the assessment of biomass changes and rainfall interception using cosmic-ray neutron sensing
J. Hydrol. 525 , 264 - 276
full text (doi)
21348 Baroni, G., Schalge, B., Rakovec, O., Kumar, R., Schüler, L., Samaniego, L., Simmer, C., Attinger, S. (2019):
A comprehensive distributed hydrological modeling intercomparison to support processes representation and data collection strategies
Water Resour. Res. 55 (2), 990 - 1010
full text (doi)
20971 Baroni, G., Scheiffele, L.M., Schrön, M., Ingwersen, J., Oswald, S.E. (2018):
Uncertainty, sensitivity and improvements in soil moisture estimation with cosmic-ray neutron sensing
J. Hydrol. 564 , 873 - 887
full text (doi)
18148 Baroni, G., Zink, M., Kumar, R., Samaniego, L., Attinger, S. (2017):
Effects of uncertainty in soil properties on simulated hydrological states and fluxes at different spatio-temporal scales
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 21 (5), 2301 - 2320
full text (doi)
6190 Bauer, P., Attinger, S., Kinzelbach, W. (2001):
Transport of a decay chain in homogenous porous media: analytical solutions
J. Contam. Hydrol. 49 (3-4), 217 - 239
full text (doi)
1638 Bause, M., Friess, W., Knabner, P., Radu, F.A. (2007):
A comprehensive mathematical model describing drug release from collagen matrices
In: Ion, S., Marinoschi, G., Popa, C. (eds.)
Mathematical modelling on environmental and life sciences problems. Proceedings of the 6th Workshop, 5 - 9.09.2007, Constantza, Romania
Editura Academiei Romane, Bucuresti, p. 26 - 34
15416 Bechmann, M., Schneider, C., Carminati, A., Vetterlein, D., Attinger, S., Hildebrandt, A. (2014):
Effect of parameter choice in root water uptake models – the arrangement of root hydraulic properties within the root architecture affects dynamics and efficiency of root water uptake
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 18 (10), 4189 - 4206
full text (doi)
18231 Beck, S. (2017):
Anpassung an den Klimawandel. Herausforderungen an Politikberatung
In: Marx, A. (Hrsg.)
Klimaanpassung in Forschung und Politik
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH - Springer Spektrum, Wiesbaden, S. 17 - 51
full text (doi)
16256 Best, M.J., Abramowitz, G., Johnson, H.R., Pitman, A.J., Balsamo, G., Boone, A., Cuntz, M., Decharme, B., Dirmeyer, P.A., Dong, J., Ek, M., Guo, Z., Haverd, V., van den Hurk, B.J.J., Nearing, G.S., Pak, B., Peters-Lidard, C., Santanello Jr., J.A., Stevens, L., Vuichard, N. (2015):
The plumbing of land surface models: benchmarking model performance
J. Hydrometeorol. 16 (3), 1425 - 1442
full text (doi)
25285 Bevacqua, E., De Michele, C., Manning, C., Couasnon, A., Ribeiro, A.F.S., Ramos, A.M., Vignotto, E., Bastos, A., Blesić, S., Durante, F., Hillier, J., Oliveira, S.C., Pinto, J.G., Ragno, E., Rivoire, P., Saunders, K., van der Wiel, K., Wu, W., Zhang, T., Zscheischler, J. (2021):
Guidelines for studying diverse types of compound weather and climate events
Earth Future 9 (11), e2021EF002340
full text (doi)
24446 Bevacqua, E., Shepherd, T.G., Watson, P.A.G., Sparrow, S., Wallom, D., Mitchell, D. (2021):
Larger spatial footprint of wintertime total precipitation extremes in a warmer climate
Geophys. Res. Lett. 48 (8), e2020GL091990
full text (doi)
23232 Bhatta, B., Shrestha, S., Shrestha, P.K., Talchabhadel, R. (2020):
Modelling the impact of past and future climate scenarios on streamflow in a highly mountainous watershed: A case study in the West Seti River Basin, Nepal
Sci. Total Environ. 740 , art. 140156
full text (doi)
15478 Bierkens, M.F.P., Bell, V.A., Burek, P., Chaney, N., Condon, L.E., David, C.H., de Roo, A., Döll, P., Drost, N., Famiglietti, J.S., Flörke, M., Gochis, D.J., Houser, P., Hut, R., Keune, J., Kollet, S., Maxwell, R.M., Reager, J.T., Samaniego, L., Sudicky, E., Sutanudjaja, E.H., van de Giesen, N., Winsemius, H., Wood, E.F. (2015):
Hyper-resolution global hydrological modelling: what is next?
"Everywhere and locally relevant"

Hydrol. Process. 29 (2), 310 - 320
full text (doi)
17460 Boike, J., Grau, T., Heim, B., Günther, F., Langer, M., Muster, S., Gouttevin, I., Lange, S. (2016):
Satellite-derived changes in the permafrost landscape of central Yakutia, 2000–2011: Wetting, drying, and fires
Glob. Planet. Change 139 , 116 - 127
full text (doi)
19231 Borgonovo, E., Lu, X., Plischke, E., Rakovec, O., Hill, M.C. (2017):
Making the most out of a hydrological model data set: Sensitivity analyses to open the model black-box
Water Resour. Res. 53 (9), 7933 - 7950
full text (doi)
24341 Brix, H., Kamjunke, N., Bussmann, I., Achterberg, E., Dietrich, P., Fischer, P., Flöser, G., Geißler, F., Koedel, U., Koschorreck, M., Rewrie, L., Schütze, C. (2021):
Elbe 2020 – investigating a river-sea system from upstream into the North Sea
EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021
Copernicus Publications, p. EGU21-8721
full text (url)
24071 Brunner, M.I., Melsen, L.A., Wood, A.W., Rakovec, O., Mizukami, N., Knoben, W.J.M., Clark, M.P. (2021):
Flood spatial coherence, triggers, and performance in hydrological simulations: large-sample evaluation of four streamflow-calibrated models
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 25 (1), 105 - 119
full text (doi)
23672 Buchwald, J., Chaudhry, A.A., Yoshioka, K., Kolditz, O., Attinger, S., Nagel, T. (2020):
DoE-based history matching for probabilistic uncertainty quantification of thermo-hydro-mechanical processes around heat sources in clay rocks
Int. J. Rock Mech. Min. Sci. 134 , art. 104481
full text (doi)
21590 Bugmann, H., Seidl, R., Hartig, F., Bohn, F., Brůna, J., Cailleret, M., François, L., Heinke, J., Henrot, A.-J., Hickler, T., Hülsmann, L., Huth, A., Jacquemin, I., Kollas, C., Lasch‐Born, P., Lexer, M.J., Merganič, J., Merganičová, K., Mette, T., Miranda, B.R., Nadal‐Sala, D., Rammer, W., Rammig, A., Reineking, B., Roedig, E., Sabaté, S., Steinkamp, J., Suckow, F., Vacchiano, G., Wild, J., Xu, C., Reyer, C.P.O. (2019):
Tree mortality submodels drive simulated long‐term forest dynamics: assessing 15 models from the stand to global scale
Ecosphere 10 (2), e02616
full text (doi)
20825 Bumberger, J., Mai, J., Schmidt, F., Lünenschloß, P., Wagner, N., Töpfer, H. (2018):
Spatial retrieval of broadband dielectric spectra
Sensors 18 (9), art. 2780
full text (doi)
24342 Bussmann, I., Brix, H., Kamjunke, N., Ködel, U., Koschorreck, M., Schütze, C. (2021):
Characteristics of dissolved and atmospheric methane concentrations along a freshwater-seawater transect from the River Elbe into the North Sea
EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021
Copernicus Publications, p. EGU21-8270
full text (url)
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