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CITE - Chemicals In the Environment

Entwicklung von Fischembryonen

CITE - Chemicals In the Environment - is a research topic within the Helmholtz programm oriented funding. CITE addresses multiple aspects of the impact of chemicals in the environment. We aim to have a monthly regular seminar series addressing issues related to our activities.

Seminars CITE - Chemicals In the Environment

UFZ Colloquia

Modelling Forest

Within UFZ-Colloquia, we deal with the fields of environmental science and environmental policy via presentations from key speakers and discussion.

The colloquia involve all associates of the UFZ. Guests from other institutions are very welcome.

The colloquia are organized by the WTR (Scientific-Technical Council), Dr. Stefan Klotz, and in cooperation with Dr. Vera Bissinger of the knowledge transfer section. They take place several times a year.

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