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Bridging Spheres – Pop-up Campus is a 5-day Helmholtz top event in science communication that brings together the spheres of science, media, public and policymakers.

As a participant, you will learn how to build bridges between your own research and the different spheres and to develop your individual toolbox, which will be fed from 3 learning areas:

  1. creating a personal scientific statement,
  2. contributing as an expert guest in a podcast and
  3. authoring a position or advisory paper.

Bridging Spheres is a joint initiative of the seven centers in the Helmholtz research field Earth & Environment. 

Download the information sheet here !

Event dates

Pop-up Campus: April 8 (start 17:30) – April 12 (end 13:00) 2024
KIT-Campus Alpin, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany,
with 1 day at Environmental Research Station
Schneefernerhaus on Mt. Zugspitze

Half-day online introductory workshop prior to the event in February or March 2024.

  • Understanding the complexity of bridge building and the needs of the addressed spheres
  • Extending your competencies in communication, dialogue and knowledge transfer
  • Developing your career by exploring different career pathways in science communication
  • Networking with fellow researchers, media professionals, policymakers, potential employers and stakeholders beyond the scientific sphere

You have a high interest in science communication, feel a strong connection to questions related to climate change, have a contract at one of the 7 Helmholtz centers and are comfortable with English as working language.

The application deadline has unfortunately expired.

The UFZ Career Center will cover the full participation fee as well as travel and accommodation costs up to a maximum of 1,300 €.

To ensure transparency and alignment with your leader/PI, it is essential that your group leader or your department leader, respectively, are informed of your planned participation in the “Bridging Spheres Pop-up Campus”. Prior to applying for the participation, make sure to obtain the approval of the respective leader who is in charge of approving of your business trips in general.

Bridging Spheres is a cooperation of the seven Helmholtz Centres in the research field Earth & Environment currently working together in the POF IV program "Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future".

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