FishInspector Training Workshop

04.02. (starting at 2 pm) - 05.02.2019 (ending at 2 pm)

FishInspector Screenshot
Screenshot of FishInspector Software Version 1.03


This workshop is designed to introduce you into the FishInspector software for annotation of morphological features in images of zebrafish embryos.

Intended for

Scientist and technicians that analyse (zebra)fish embryo phenotypes. Engineers/companies that develop tools for automated imaging of (zebra)fish embryos.

You will learn

The workshop will be devided in 3 sections:
Hands-on training to annotate morphological features using the FishInspector software
Analysis of the annotated features using custom KNIME workflows (concentration-response curves, heatmaps)
For advanced users: development of your own FishInspector plugin (e.g. for features currently not implemented).


Please bring your own laptop (if this is not possible, let us know in advance so that we can provide a PC for you) ideally with installation of the FishInspector software, R 3.4.0 and KNIME Analytics Platform.

We recommend that you may read some introductory information to the KNIME analytics platform prior to the workshop.

Development of your own FishInspector plugin: it is optional and addressed to advance users with Matlab programing knowledge. A Matlab installation on your computer is required.

There are no other prerequisites for participation, but it is of course helpful if you have some experience already with the imaging or analysis of fish embryos.

If you already have images for analysis we can try to support you with analyses of these images during the workshop. Therefore it would be helpful if you send us some examples images prior to the workshop (to adjust workflows if needed). That will be required in January 2019, after your registration and participation has been confirmed.

Download of the FishInspector software

To download the FishInspector software, conversion tools and KNIME workflows please visit our FishInspector webpage.

For more information

please do not hesitate to contact

Additional information

If you register for the FishInspector Workshop you may consider also participating at  CITEPro Launch Event which is conducted the day after the FishInspector Workshop. CITEPro is a platform for high throughput sample preparation and exposure.