Bettina Gro Sørensen

Bettina Gro Sorensen
Foto: Sebastian Wiedling/ UFZ

Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig

Gebäude: 6.0
Raum: 330
Telefon: +49 341 235 1013

Bettina Gro Sørensen

Bettina is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Effect-Directed Analysis since August 2017. She is working on the identification of novel toxins in alien plant species spreading with climate change that may pose a risk to European drinking water resources. The project is funded by the Marie Curie Horizon 2020 program and located within the European training network (ETN) NaToxAq : Natural Toxins and Drinking Water Quality – From Source to Tap.

Bettina holds a bachelor degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Science, and a master’s degree in Geography from University of Copenhagen (Denmark), with semesters abroad at James Cook University (Australia), and University-Duisburg Essen (Germany) and additional field work in Malaysia and Ghana. The studies have focused on environmental chemistry, water science and managements, plant ecophysiology and global natural resource management, with the bachelor thesis being on ‘Plant purification of Indoor Air – an experimental case study in an office setting’ and the master thesis on ‘Clean Drinking Water in a Small-scale Gold Mining Village, Ghana – pollution and potential’. The bachelor and master’s theses included identification and quantification of compounds/elements with GC-MS and ICP-MS respectively. Bettina further holds a bachelor degree in Philosophy with cognitive science, and has substantial experience working with plants, communication, teaching and organizing.

The hope is that the present project will add to a more nuanced picture of toxins in the environment and clarify whether plants with an increased abundance, e.g. invasive plants and crops, may pose a risk to water resources through the release and leaching of natural toxins.