Regional hydrological modelling

Focus: Regional forecasts hydrological processes, especially extreme events via process analysis and modelling


Group leader: Prof. Dr. Ralf Merz
Research scientists: Dr. Stefano Basso
Dr. Stefanie Lutz
Maria Clemens
PhD students: Larisa Tarasova

 Research objectives:

  • Modelling tracer based travel times distributions
  • Deciphering event characteristics and drivers and typology of flood events
  • European flood patterns
  • Linking climatic, hydrological and water quality trends
  • Hydrological modelling in data-scarce regions
  • Drivers of model performance (German-French-Austrian data set, 1100 catchments)
  • Drivers of conceptual model parameters
  • Top-Down approach, 350 German catchments, HBV model, and daily time step
  • Low dimensional modelling of floods to understand the drivers of change
  • Regions: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Slovenia
Regional hydrological modelling