Dr. Dana Kühnel

Dr. Dana Kühnel
Foto: Sebastian Wiedling/UFZ

Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig

Gebäude: 6.0
Raum: 230
Telefon: +49 341 235 1515

Dr. Dana Kühnel 

Curriculum Vitae 

Dana Kühnel received her doctorate in the Department of Nutritional Toxicology of the University of Potsdam. Her doctoral thesis dealt with the development of colon cancer induced by polycyclic aromatic amines, formed during the heating of meat products. After finishing her PhD, in 2006 she joined the Department Cell Toxicology as a postdoctoral researcher (since 2009 the Department of Bioanalytical Ecotoxicology).

The focus of her research shifted to the assessment of potential (eco)toxicological effects of engineered nanomaterials. In several third-party funded projects (e.g. BMBF, EU-FP7, UBA), Dana tackled since then how technically produced nanomaterials affect the health of organisms, how they are internalized and distributed within organisms and how novel findings on nanomaterial-organism-interaction cans be communicated to outside the scientific world.
Specifically, the research activities focus on elucidating the influence of nanomaterial properties on the toxic outcome, the optimization and adaptation of test systems and protocols used in the risk assessment of chemicals for nanomaterials, and the development of analytical methods to gain qualitative and quantitative information on nanomaterial-organisms-interactions in a time- and space resolved manner. In addition, mixture effects between nanomaterials and chemicals are assessed. The outcomes of these activities feed into the development of risk assessment and grouping strategies for engineered nanomaterials.

Since 2009, Dana Kühnel also has been engaged in science communication by evaluating and summarizing scientific results dealing with the environmental impact of nanomaterials to a broad audience. This information is transported via the knowledgebase website www.nanoobjects.info. Starting in 2014, the research field on potential adverse of particles towards environmental organisms was expanded by including microplastic particles and aerosol particles into the research activities.

Aktuelle Projekte

CNT-Membran - Nanoporöse Membranen hohen spezifischen Flusses aus orientierten CNTs für die energieeffiziente Aufbereitung von Ab- und Prozesswässern der Erdöl- und Erdgasindustrie; 01.03.2017 - 29.02.2020

NanoRigo - Establishing a NANOtechnology RIsk GOvernance Framework; 01.01.2019 - 28.02.2023

InnoMatLife - Innovative Materialien und neue Produktionsverfahren: Sicherheit im Lebenszyklus und der industriellen Wertschöpfung; 01.04.2019 - 31.03.2022

DaNa2.0 - Data and knowledge on Nanomaterials - Processing of socially relevant scientific facts

WeatherMICS (JPI Oceans) - How weathering processes influence the transport, fate and toxicity of microplastics (MPs) and their leachates in the marine environment

Abgeschlossene Projekte

NanoValid - Development of reference methods for hazard identification, risk assessment and LCA of engineered nanomaterials

nanoGRAVUR – Nanostrukturierte Materialien – Gruppierung hinsichtlich Arbeits-, Verbraucher- und Umweltschutz und Risikominimierung

– Gruppierung von Nanomaterialien im Hinblick auf eine gemeinsame Prüfung von Umweltwirkung für Regulierungsaspekte (UBA-UFO Plan Projekt)

- Iron-based nanoparticles and nanocomposite structures for removal of contaminants from groundwater and wastewater

DaNa - acquisition, evaluation and public-oriented presentation of society-relevant data and findings relating to nanomaterials

Rapporting to the International expert meeting „OECD Horizontal Meeting on Eco-Toxicology and Environmental Fate of Nanomaterials“, OECD-WPMN / BMU / UBA

INOS - Identifizierung und Bewertung von Gesundheits- und Umweltauswirkungen von technischen nanoskaligen Partikeln; BMBF-Projekt; Arbeitspaket 4 / UFZ-Toxikologische Analyse von Nanopartikeln und Identifizierung von Wirkungsmechanismen


2019 (4)

  • Jemec Kokalj, A., Kuehnel, D., Puntar, B., Žgajnar Gotvajn, A., Kalčikova, G., (2019):
    An exploratory ecotoxicity study of primary microplastics versus aged in natural waters and wastewaters
    Environ. Pollut. 254 , art. 112980
    Volltext (URL)
  • Kühnel, D., Nickel, C., Hellack, B., van der Zalm, E., Kussatz, C., Herrchen, M., Meisterjahn, B., Hund-Rinke, K., (2019):
    Closing gaps for environmental risk screening of engineered nanomaterials
    NanoImpact 15 , art. 100173
    Volltext (URL)
  • Schmidt, S., Altenburger, R., Kühnel, D., (2019):
    From the air to the water phase: implication for toxicity testing of combustion-derived particles
    Biomass Convers. Biorefinery 9 (1), 213 - 225
    Volltext (URL)
  • Weil, M., Mackenzie, K., Foit, K., Kühnel, D., Busch, W., Bundschuh, M., Schulz, R., Duis, K., (2019):
    Environmental risk or benefit? Comprehensive risk assessment of groundwater treated with nano Fe0-based Carbo-Iron®
    Sci. Total Environ. 677 , 156 - 166
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2018 (5)

  • Hund-Rinke, K., Schlich, K., Kühnel, D., Hellack, B., Kaminski, H., Nickel, C., (2018):
    Grouping concept for metal and metal oxide nanomaterials with regard to their ecotoxicological effects on algae, daphnids and fish embryos
    NanoImpact 9 , 52 - 60
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  • Krug, H.F., Bohmer, N., Kühnel, D., Marquardt, C., Nau, K., Steinbach, C., (2018):
    The DaNa2.0 Knowledge Base Nanomaterials—An important measure accompanying nanomaterials development
    Nanomaterials 8 (4), art. 204
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  • Kühnel, D., (2018):
    Chapter 9. Progress towards risk assessment for engineered nanomaterials
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  • Kühnel, D., Krug, H.F., Jemec Kokalj, A., (2018):
    Environmental impacts of engineered nanomaterials—imbalances in the safety assessment of selected nanomaterials
    Materials 11 (8), art. 1444
    Volltext (URL)
  • Naasz, S., Altenburger, R., Kühnel, D., (2018):
    Environmental mixtures of nanomaterials and chemicals: The Trojan-horse phenomenon and its relevance for ecotoxicity
    Sci. Total Environ. 635 , 1170 - 1181
    Volltext (URL)

2017 (6)

  • Böhme, S., Baccaro, M., Schmidt, M., Potthoff, A., Stärk, H.-J., Reemtsma, T., Kühnel, D., (2017):
    Metal uptake and distribution in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo: differences between nanoparticles and metal ions
    Environ. Sci.-Nano 4 (5), 1005 - 1015
    Volltext (URL)
  • Kühnel, D., Marquardt, C., Nau, K., Krug, H.F., Paul, F., Steinbach, C., (2017):
    Environmental benefits and concerns on safety: communicating latest results on nanotechnology safety research—the project DaNa2.0
    Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 24 (12), 11120 - 11125
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  • Potthoff, A., Oelschlägel, K., Schmitt-Jansen, M., Rummel, C.D., Kühnel, D., (2017):
    From the sea to the laboratory: Characterization of microplastic as prerequisite for the assessment of ecotoxicological impact
    Integr. Environ. Assess. Manag. 13 (3), 500 - 504
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  • Ribeiro, A.R., Leite, P.E., Falagan-Lotsch, P., Benetti, F., Micheletti, C., Budtz, H.C., Jacobsen, N.R., Lisboa-Filho, P.N., Rocha, R.A., Kühnel, D., Hristozov, D., Granjeiro, J.M., (2017):
    Challenges on the toxicological predictions of engineered nanoparticles
    NanoImpact 8 , 59 - 72
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  • Rummel, C.D., Jahnke, A., Gorokhova, E., Kühnel, D., Schmitt-Jansen, M., (2017):
    Impacts of biofilm formation on the fate and potential effects of microplastic in the aquatic environment
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  • Steinbach, C., Bohmer, N., Krug, H.F., Kühnel, D., Nau, K., Paul, F., Reithel, S., Marquardt, C., (2017):
    DaNa 2.0 – verlässliche Informationen zur Sicherheit von marktüblichen Nanomaterialien. DaNa 2.0 – reliable information on the safety of commercially available nanomaterials
    Chem. Ing. Tech. 89 (3), 232 - 238
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2016 (4)

  • Heinlaan, M., Muna, M., Knöbel, M., Kistler, D., Odzak, N., Kühnel, D., Müller, J., Gupta, G.S., Kumar, A., Shanker, R., Sigg, L., (2016):
    Natural water as the test medium for Ag and CuO nanoparticle hazard evaluation: An interlaboratory case study
    Environ. Pollut. 216 , 689 - 699
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  • Jemec, A., Kahru, A., Potthoff, A., Drobne, D., Heinlaan, M., Böhme, S., Geppert, M., Novak, S., Schirmer, K., Rekulapally, R., Singh, S., Aruoja, V., Sihtmäe, M., Juganson, K., Käkinen, A., Kühnel, D., (2016):
    An interlaboratory comparison of nanosilver characterisation and hazard identification: Harmonising techniques for high quality data
    Environ. Int. 87 , 20 - 32
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  • Kos, M., Kahru, A., Drobne, D., Singh, S., Kalčíková, G., Kühnel, D., Rohit, R., Žgajnar Gotvajn, A., Jemec, A., (2016):
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2015 (5)

  • Böhme, S., Kühnel, D., Stärk, H.-J., Reemtsma, T., (2015):
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    Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 407 (18), 5477 - 5485
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  • Weil, M., Meißner, T., Busch, W., Springer, A., Kühnel, D., Schulz, R., Duis, K., (2015):
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2014 (6)

  • Böhme, S., Stärk, H.-J., Meißner, T., Springer, A., Reemtsma, T., Kühnel, D., Busch, W., (2014):
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    J. Nanopart. Res. 16 , 2592
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2013 (3)

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2012 (2)

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2011 (1)

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2010 (5)

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2009 (5)

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  • Kühnel, D., Taugner, F., Scholtka, B., Steinberg, P., (2009):
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2004 (2)

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