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Titel (primär) Estimating the effects of set-aside on water quality: scaling-up of lysimeter studies
Autor Meißner, R.; Seeger, J.; Rupp, H.; Schonert, P.;
Journal / Serie Land Degradation & Development
Erscheinungsjahr 1999
Department BOPHY; BOFO;
Band/Volume 10
Sprache englisch;
Keywords catchment area;ion balance;land management;lysimeter experiment;scaling-up;seepage water;set-aside;water balance

Since 1990, agriculture in the five new federal states of Germany has experienced a fundamental structural change. As much as 10 per cent of the 6·2 million ha of previously intensively farmed agricultural land were set-aside abruptly. In the spring of 1991, a lysimeter trial (filled with soils common in the catchment area of the Elbe River), was set up to investigate the impact of set-aside on the water and solute balance. The studies proved that restricting agricultural use in areas previously farmed intensively by converting them into permanent or rotation fallow will result in measurable changes in deep percolation (ground-water recharge) and water quality in less than one year. The results of the lysimeter studies were extrapolated to calculate the effects of set-aside in a catchment area (about 2 500 ha) with similar meteorological and soil conditions. The calculations showed that increasing the area under rotation fallow from 8 to 15 per cent increases the nitrogen load of the stream draining the catchment by about 5 per cent.

ID 8223
dauerhafte UFZ-Verlinkung https://www.ufz.de/index.php?en=20939&ufzPublicationIdentifier=8223
Meißner, R., Seeger, J., Rupp, H., Schonert, P. (1999):
Estimating the effects of set-aside on water quality: scaling-up of lysimeter studies
Land Degrad. Dev. 10 , 13 - 20