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6200 Beiner, K., Popp, P., Wennrich, R., Salzer, R. (2001):
Determination of volatile sulfur compounds in water samples by GC-MS with selective pre-concentration
Fresenius Environ. Bull. 10 , 755 - 760
9578 Roland, U., Salzer, R. (1997):
Interpretation of spinning-sample bands in the FT Raman spectra of rotating samples
In: Mink, J., Keresztury, G., Kellner, R. (eds.)
Progress in Fourier transform spectroscopy. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference, August 27 – September 1, 1995, Budapest, Hungary
Mikrochimica Acta Supplement 14
Springer, p. 757 - 758
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9577 Roland, U., Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L. (1997):
Electronic effects of hydrogen spillover on titania
In: Li, C., Xin, Q. (eds.)
Spillover and migration of surface species on catalysts
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 112
Elsevier, p. 339 - 348
Volltext (DOI)
8967 Salzer, R., Born, R., Roland, U., Sawatzki, J. (1998):
Moving samples, pulsed excitation and step scan FT-Raman spectroscopy
Proceedings XVI International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy, Cape Town
Wiley, Chichester, p. 856 - 857
9593 Salzer, R., Roland, U., Born, R., Sawatzki, J. (1997):
New technique allowing FT-Raman measurements of rotating samples
Appl. Spectrosc. 51 (10), 1471 - 1475
Volltext (DOI)
8968 Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Born, R. (1998):
Step-scan FT-NIR Raman spectroscopy
Spectroscopy Europe 10 (2), 8 - 12
8355 Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Born, R. (1999):
Reply to the comment of P. Hendra, Step-scan FT-NIR
Spectroscopy Europe 11 , 32
8966 Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Kolitsch, A. (1998):
Characterization of superhard CNx films by Raman spectroscopy
Proceedings XVI International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy
Wiley, Chichester, p. 504 - 505
9730 Woelki, G., Friedrich, S., Hanschmann, G., Salzer, R. (1997):
HPLC fractionation and structural dynamics of humic acids
Fresen. J. Anal. Chem. 357 (5), 548 - 552
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