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18768 Banzhaf, E., Kollai, H. (2015):
Monitoring the urban tree cover for urban ecosystem services - the case of Leipzig, Germany
36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE-36 ), 11–15 May 2015, Berlin, Germany
The International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 40/7W3
International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), p. 301 - 305
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21433 Banzhaf, E., Kollai, H., Kindler, A. (2020):
Mapping urban grey and green structures for liveable cities using a 3D enhanced OBIA approach and vital statistics
Geocarto Int. 35 (6), 623 - 640
Volltext (DOI)
11230 Banzhaf, E. (2001):
Researching state and dynamics in landscape using remote sensing
In: Krönert, R., Steinhardt, U., Volk, M. (eds.)
Landscape balance and landscape assessment
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 87 - 112
11168 Banzhaf, E., Ll Roig, H., Bakker, F. (2009):
Characterising the phenomenon of water scarcity in the fast growing federal district of Brasilia
2009 Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event : Shanghai, China, 20 - 22 May 2009 ; the 5th GRSS/ISPRS Workshop on Data Fusion and Remote Sensing over Urban Areas (URBAN 2009) and the 7th International Urban Remote Sensing Conference (URS 2009)
Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE) 2009
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), New York, NY,
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11232 Banzhaf, E., Netzband, M. (2000):
Analysis and evaluation of nature space potential in peri-urban spaces using remote sensing data and GIS
International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing XXXIII, Part B 7/1
International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), p. 118 - 125
11926 Banzhaf, E., Netzband, M. (2012):
Monitoring urban land use changes with remote sensing techniques
In: Richter, M., Weiland, U. (eds.)
Applied urban ecology : a global framework
Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, p. 18 - 32
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19547 Banzhaf, E., Reyes-Paecke, S.M., de la Barrera, F. (2018):
What really matters in green infrastructure for the urban quality of life? Santiago de Chile as a showcase city
In: Kabisch, S., Koch, F., Gawel, E., Haase, A., Knapp, S., Krellenberg, K., Nivala, J., Zehnsdorf, A. (eds.)
Urban transformations - Sustainable urban development through resource efficiency, quality of life and resilience
Future City 10
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 281 - 300
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13343 Banzhaf, E., Reyes-Paecke, S., Müller, A., Kindler, A. (2013):
Do demographic and land-use changes contrast urban and suburban dynamics? A sophisticated reflection on Santiago de Chile
Habitat Int. 39 , 179 - 191
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24525 Banzhaf, E., Wu, W., Luo, X., Knopp, J. (2021):
Integrated mapping of spatial urban dynamics—A European-Chinese exploration. Part 1—Methodology for automatic land cover classification tailored towards spatial allocation of ecosystem services features
Remote Sens. 13 (9), art. 1744
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23853 Baró, F., Langemeyer, J., Łaszkiewicz, E., Kabisch, N. (2021):
Editorial to the special issue “Advancing urban ecosystem service implementation and assessment considering different dimensions of environmental justice”
Environ. Sci. Policy 115 , 43 - 46
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17673 Bartke, S., Martinát, S., Klusáček, P., Pizzol, L., Alexandrescu, F., Frantál, B., Critto, A., Zabeo, A. (2016):
Targeted selection of brownfields from portfolios for sustainable regeneration: User experiences from five cases testing the Timbre Brownfield Prioritization Tool
J. Environ. Manage. 184 (Part 1), 94 - 107
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11299 Bartke, S., Peterson, K., Gross, M., Nommann, T., Adelle, C. (2011):
Implementation of Impact Assessment in selected new European Union member states
ESEE 2011 9th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, 14-17 June, Istanbul
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15798 Barton, J., Harris, J., Krellenberg, K. (2014):
Developing climate change adaptation measures in a participatory process: roundtable meetings
In: Krellenberg, K., Hansjürgens, B. (eds.)
Climate Adaptation Santiago
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 157 - 173
Volltext (DOI)
9773 Barton, J., Kopfmüller, J., Krellenberg, K., Heinrichs, D. (2010):
Prospects for a sustainable future of Santiago de Chile: overall findings
In: Krellenberg, K., Kopfmüller, J., Barton, J. (eds.)
How sustainable is Santiago de Chile? Current performance - future trends - potential measures. Synthesis report of the Risk Habitat Megacity research initiative (2007-2011)
UFZ-Bericht 4/2010
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, p. 22 - 24
15042 Barton, J.R., Krellenberg, K., Harris, J.M. (2015):
Collaborative governance and the challenges of participatory climate change adaptation planning in Santiago de Chile
Clim. Dev. 7 (2), 175 - 184
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2490 Beck, S., Born, W., Dziock, S., Görg, C., Hansjürgens, B., Henle, K., Jax, K., Köck, W., Neßhöver, C., Rauschmayer, F., Ring, I., Schmidt-Loske, K., Unnerstall, H., Wittmer, H. (2006):
Die Relevanz des Millennium Ecosystem Assessment für Deutschland
UFZ-Bericht 2/2006
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, 106 S.
18458 Beck, S., Koch, F. (2017):
Urban real-world laboratories and transformative research
In: Weiland, S., Polzin, C., Beck, S., Bleicher, A., David, M., Dilling, O., Heinz, N., Koch, F., Rode, J., Schmidt, J., Thronicker, I. (eds.)
Workshop report: 'Unpacking the political in sustainability transformations: scoping a research agenda for interdisciplinary social science’, 10-11 November 2016, Leipzig, Germany
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, p. 45 - 49
46 Beck, S., Kuhlicke, C., Görg, C. (2009):
Climate Policy Integration, Coherence, and Governance in Germany: PEER Climate Change Initiative - Project 2: "Climate Policy Integration, Coherence and Governance"
UFZ-Bericht 1/2009
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 71 pp.
25545 Becker, A.M., Marquart, H., Masson, T., Helbig, C., Schlink, U. (2021):
Impacts of personalized sensor feedback regarding exposure to environmental stressors
Curr. Pollut. Rep. 7 (4), 579 - 593
Volltext (DOI)
18012 Becker, S., Blanchet, T., Kunze, C. (2016):
Social movements and urban energy policy: Assessing contexts, agency and outcomes of remunicipalisation processes in Hamburg and Berlin
Util. Policy 41 , 228 - 236
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15744 Becker, S., Kunze, C. (2014):
Transcending community energy: collective and politically motivated projects in renewable energy (CPE) across Europe
People, Place & Policy 8 (3), 180 - 191
Volltext (DOI)
18353 Becker, S., Kunze, C., Vancea, M. (2017):
Community energy and social entrepreneurship: Addressing purpose, organisation and embeddedness of renewable energy projects
J. Clean Prod. 147 , 25 - 36
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20312 Begg, C. (2018):
Power, responsibility and justice: a review of local stakeholder participation in European flood risk management
Local Environment 23 (4), 383 - 397
Volltext (DOI)
20481 Begg, C., Callsen, I., Kuhlicke, C., Kelman, I. (2018):
The role of local stakeholder participation in flood defence decisions in the United Kingdom and Germany
J. Flood Risk Manag. 11 (2), 180 - 190
Volltext (DOI)
17953 Begg, C., Ueberham, M., Masson, T., Kuhlicke, C. (2017):
Interactions between citizen responsibilization, flood experience and household resilience: insights from the 2013 flood in Germany
Int. J. Water Resour. Dev. 33 (4), 591 - 608
Volltext (DOI)
16851 Begg, C., Walker, G., Kuhlicke, C. (2015):
Localism and flood risk management in England: the creation of new inequalities?
Environ. Plan. C-Gov. Policy 33 (4), 685 - 702
Volltext (DOI)
10711 Behrens, V., Gross, M. (2011):
Customisation of transdisciplinary collaboration in the integrated management of contaminated sites
In: Parker, J.N., Vermeulen, N., Penders, B. (eds.)
Collaboration in the new life sciences
Ashgate, Farnham,, p. 139 - 160
19617 Beichler, S.A., Bastian, O., Haase, D., Heiland, S., Kabisch, N., Müller, F. (2017):
Does the ecosystem service concept reach its limits in urban environments?
Landscape Online 51 , 1 - 21
Volltext (DOI)
20870 Benighaus, C., Bleicher, A. (2019):
Neither risky technology nor renewable electricity: Contested frames in the development of geothermal energy in Germany
Energy Res. Soc. Sci. 47 , 46 - 55
Volltext (DOI)
17066 Berghöfer, A., Schneider, A. (2015):
Indicators for managing ecosystem services – options & examples. Guidance for seeking information that supports the integration of ecosystem services into policy and public management
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 47 pp.
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3973 Berkner, A., Kabisch, S. (2004):
Braunkohlenbergbau und Siedlungen
Der Braunkohlenbergbau im Südraum Leipzig. Bergbaumonographie
Bergbau in Sachsen 11
Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie (LfUG), Dresden, p. 332 - 341
5357 Bernt, M. (2002):
Risiken und Nebenwirkungen des Stadtumbau Ost
UFZ-Diskussionspapiere 5/2002
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, 51 pp.
800 Bernt, M. (2008):
Die politische Tradition "Europäische Stadt" und die Schrumpfung
Berliner Debatte INITIAL 19 (4), 102 - 112
Volltext (URL)
2504 Bernt, M. (2006):
Una città europea in contrazione: Lipsia [A shrinking european city: Leipzig]
Rassegna. Nuovi Prientamenti dell' Architettura 82 , 118 - 129
59 Bernt, M. (2009):
Stadtumbau Ost. Wohnungsleerstand und Abrisse in Ostdeutschland
Forum Wissenschaft 26 (1), 19 - 22
60 Bernt, M. (2009):
Partnerships for demolition: the governance of urban renewal in East Germany's shrinking cities
Int. J. Urban Reg. Res. 33 (3), 754 - 769
Volltext (DOI)
4717 Bernt, M. (2003):
Mit Durchwursteln zum Stadtumbau?
Wohnbund-Informationen 2/2003 , 5 - 7
2500 Bernt, M. (2006):
Abriss als Chance? Das Scheitern des "Stadtumbau Ost"
Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik 51 (4), 493 - 499
2503 Bernt, M. (2006):
Steuerungskonflikte im Stadtumbau. Das Beispiel Leipzig-Grünau
Neue Stadtlandschaften im Zeichen der Schrumpfung im Rahmen nachhaltiger Stadtentwicklung, Leipzig, 16.5.2006
UFZ-Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH in der Helmholtzgemeinschaft, Leipzig, S. 22 - 23
3976 Bernt, M. (2004):
Declining city, big ambitions: Leipzig's olympic wish
Progressive Planning 161 (3), 11 - 12
3180 Bernt, M. (2005):
"Da kommst Du einfach nicht ran!" - Plan und Wirklichkeit beim Stadtumbau in Leipzig-Grünau
Berliner Debatte INITIAL 16 (6), 13 - 23
3184 Bernt, M. (2005):
Die politische Steuerung des Stadtumbaus in Leipzig-Grünau
UFZ-Diskussionspapiere 24/2005
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, 46 S.
3188 Bernt, M. (2005):
Ohne Steuerung: Stadtumbau in Grünau
Leipziger Blätter 46 , 17 - 19
3187 Bernt, M. (2005):
Große Träume in einer schrumpfenden Stadt
dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung (20), 29 - 31
4715 Bernt, M. (2003):
Rübergeklappt : die "Behutsame Stadterneuerung" im Berlin der 90er Jahre
Schelzky & Jeep, Berlin, 300 S.
4719 Bernt, M. (2003):
Risiken und Nebenwirkungen des Stadtumbaus
Online-Magazin zur schrumpfenden Stadt 2 (2)
6205 Bernt, M. (2001):
Abschied von der Mieterstadt? Eine kritische Bilanz von fünf Jahren eigentumsorientierter Wende in der Berliner Wohnungspolitik
Jahrbuch Stadterneuerung 2001: Beiträge aus Lehre und Forschung an deutschsprachigen Hochschulen
Arbeitskreis Stadterneuerung an deutschsprachigen Hochschulen u.a., Technische Universität Berlin, S. 341 - 356
2502 Bernt, M. (2006):
Stadterneuerung, Stadtumbau und Schrumpfung: Was ist neu?
In: Altrock, U., Güntner, S., Huning, S., Kuder, T., Nuissl, H., Peters, A. (Hrsg.)
Sparsamer Staat - Schwache Stadt?
Reihe Planungsrundschau 13
Verlag Uwe Altrock, Kassel, S. 115 - 126
12244 Bernt, M., Cocks, M., Couch, C., Grossmann, K., Haase, A., Rink, D. (2012):
Policy response, governance and future directions
Shrink Smart Research Brief 2
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 28 pp.
1653 Bernt, M., Daniljuk, M., Holm, A. (2007):
Informelle Urbanisierung, Selbstorganisation und "Sozialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts". Partizipative Stadtentwicklung in den Barrios von Caracas
Prokla-Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialwissenschaft 37 (4), 561 - 577
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