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115 Chen, H.-L., Yao, J., Wang, L., Wang, F., Bramanti, E., Maskow, T., Zaray, G. (2009):
Evaluation of solvent tolerance of microorganisms by microcalorimetry
Chemosphere 74 (10), 1407 - 1411
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22043 Czechowska, K., Lannigan, J., Wang, L., Arcidiacono, J., Ashhurst, T.M., Barnard, R.M., Bauer, S., Bispo, C., Bonilla, D.L., Brinkman, R.R., Cabanski, M., Chang, H.-D., Chakrabarti, L., Chojnowski, G., Cotleur, B., Degheidy, H., Dela Cruz, G.V., Eck, S., Elliott, J., Errington, R., Filby, A., Gagnon, D., Gardner, R., Green, C., Gregory, M., Groves, C.J., Hall, C., Hammes, F., Hedrick, M., Hoffman, R., Icha, J., Ivaska, J., Jenner, D.C., Jones, D., Kerckhof, F.M., Kukat, C., Lanham, D., Leavesley, S., Lee, M., Lin‐Gibson, S., Litwin, V., Liu, Y., Molloy, J., Moore, J.S., Müller, S., Nedbal, J., Niesner, R., Nitta, N., Ohlsson‐Wilhelm, B., Paul, N.E., Perfetto, S., Portat, Z., Props, R., Radtke, S., Rayanki, R., Rieger, A., Rogers, S., Rubbens, P., Salomon, R., Schiemann, M., Sharpe, J., Sonder, S.U., Stewart, J.J., Sun, Y., Ulrich, H., Van Isterdael, G., Vitaliti, A., van Vreden, C., Weber, M., Zimmermann, J., Vacca, G., Wallace, P., Tárnok, A. (2019):
Cyt‐Geist: Current and Future Challenges in Cytometry: Reports of the CYTO 2018 Conference Workshops
Cytom. Part A 95 (6), 598 - 644
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20249 Du, Y., Peng, W., Wang, S., Liu, X., Chen, C., Liu, C., Wang, L. (2018):
Modeling of water quality evolution and response with the hydrological regime changes in Poyang Lake
Environ. Earth Sci. 77 (7), art. 265
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15006 Gurr, G.M., You, M, Yang, G., Wang, L., Wyckhuys, K.A.G., Wezel, A., Aznar, R.V., Garcia-Marí, F., Tscharntke, T., Batáry, P., Scherber, C., Landis, D.A., Cook, S.M., Hokkanen, H.M.T., Zhang, Y., Tylianakis, J.M., Wratten, S.D., Zhu, Z.R., Lu, Z., Horgan, F., Harwood, J.D., Heong, K.L., Settele, J. (2014):
Comment on C. Robertson McClung – “Making Hunger Yield” (published 20 June 2014)
23284 Ren, Y., Zhang, L., Yang, K., Li, Z., Yin, R., Tan, B., Wang, L., Liu, Y., Li, H., You, C., Liu, S., Xu, Z., Kardol, P. (2020):
Short-term effects of snow cover manipulation on soil bacterial diversity and community composition
Sci. Total Environ. 741 , art. 140454
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24630 Siebers, N., Wang, L., Funk, T., von Tucher, S., Merbach, I., Schweitzer, K., Kruse, J. (2021):
Subsoils—a sink for excess fertilizer P but a minor contribution to P plant nutrition: evidence from long-term fertilization trials
Environ. Sci. Eur. 33 , art. 60
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23206 Tan, B., Yin, R., Yang, W., Zhang, J., Xu, Z., Liu, Y., He, S., Zhou, W., Zhang, L., Li, H., Wang, L., Liu, S., You, C. (2020):
Soil fauna show different degradation patterns of lignin and cellulose along an elevational gradient
Appl. Soil Ecol. 155 , art. 103673
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23846 Tan, B., Yin, R., Zhang, J., Xu, Z., Liu, Y., He, S., Zhang, L., Li, H., Wang, L., Liu, S., You, C., Peng, C. (2021):
Temperature and moisture modulate the contribution of soil fauna to litter decomposition via different pathways
Ecosystems 24 (5), 1142 - 1156
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17375 Xia, L., Zheng, X., Shao, H., Xin, J., Sun, Z., Wang, L. (2016):
Effects of bacterial cells and two types of extracellular polymers on bioclogging of sand columns
J. Hydrol. 535 , 293 - 300
Volltext (DOI)
24823 Yang, K., Yin, R., Peñuelas, J., Li, Z., Tan, B., You, C., Wang, L., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Li, H., Liu, S., Chen, L., Zhang, J., Xu, Z. (2021):
Divergent effects of snow exclusion on microbial variables across aggregate size classes
Catena 206 , art. 105481
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25121 You, C., Peng, C., Xu, Z., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Yin, R., Liu, L., Li, H., Wang, L., Liu, S., Tan, B., Kardol, P. (2021):
Nitrogen addition mediates the response of foliar stoichiometry to phosphorus addition: a meta-analysis
Ecol. Process. 10 , art. 58
Volltext (DOI)
24449 Zhang, L., Ren, Y., Yang, K., Li, Z., Tan, B., Liu, Y., Li, H., You, C., Liu, S., Wang, L., Yin, R., Zhang, J., Xu, Z. (2021):
Immediate and legacy effects of snow exclusion on soil fungal diversity and community composition
For. Ecosyst. 8 , art. 22
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22955 Zhao, J., Birmili, W., Wehner, B., Daniels, A., Weinhold, K., Wang, L., Merkel, M., Kecorius, S., Tuch, T., Franck, U., Hussein, T., Wiedensohler, A. (2020):
Particle mass concentrations and number size distributions in 40 homes in Germany: Indoor-to-outdoor relationships, diurnal and seasonal variation
Aerosol Air Qual. Res. 20 (3), 576 - 589
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22935 Zheng, T., Zheng, X., Sun, Q., Wang, L., Walther, M. (2020):
Insights of variable permeability full-section wall for enhanced control of seawater intrusion and nitrate contamination in unconfined aquifers
J. Hydrol. 586 , art. 124831
Volltext (DOI)
22834 Zhu, B., Ye, Z., Wang, L., Kong, D., Xu, W., Kolditz, O., Nagel, T., Chen, Y. (2020):
Hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated soil surrounding a heated pipeline considering moisture evaporation and condensation
Comput. Geotech. 119 , art. 103377
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24751 Zhu, B., Ye, Z., Wang, L., Xu, W., Kong, D., Nagel, T., Kolditz, O., Chen, Y. (2021):
Theoretical investigation into thermo-osmosis and thermofiltration effects on hydromechanical behavior of saturated soils
J. Eng. Mech. 147 (4), art. 04021005
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