Alex Singer

Alexander Singer

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Department of Ecological Modelling
Building 1.0, Room 217 map

Tel: (+49)341 235-1016
Fax: (+49)341 235-1473
Postal address: PF 500135 / D-04301 Leipzig

Research Interests

I focus my research on consequences of interspecific interactions for spatio-temporal population and community dynamics. Research areas are
  • Community Ecology [more...]
  • Epidemiology [more...]

  • Curriculum Vitae

    since 2008 Postdoc working on Spatial Community Ecology
    Department of Ecological Modelling; Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ; Leipzig (Germany)


    Singer, A., Travis, J.M.J., Johst, K. (2013) Interspecific interactions affect species and community responses to climate shifts; Oikos 122:358-366 doi

    Singer, A., Smith, G.C. (2012) Emergency rabies control in a community of two high-density hosts; BMC Vet. Res. 8:79 doi



    Einführung in die Modellierung ökologischer Systeme

    3.-13. März 2015

    Mehr Information :

    Junior Research Group

    „Global food security policies and their social-ecological side effects in regions prone to global change”