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Interaction of Arsenic species with tropical river aquatic humic substances enriched with Aluminum and Iron. de Oliveira LK, Melo CA, Fraceto LF, Friese K, Rosa AH, Env. Sci. Poll. Res., in press

Technical Note: Drifting versus anchored flux chambers for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from running waters, A. Lorke, P. Bodmer, C. Noss, Z. Alshboul, M. Koschorreck, C. Somlai, D. Bastviken, S. Flury, D.F. McGinnis, A. Maeck, D. Müller, and K. Premke, Biogeosciences, accepted

Sedimentary S:Fe Ratio Indicates Vivianite Occurrence: A Study from Two Contrasting Freshwater Systems. Rothe M, Kleeberg A, Grüneberg B, Friese K, Pérez-Mayo M, Hupfer M: PLOS, in press