<![CDATA[Publications]]>new papers online and printed2019-11-05T12:12:00+01:00urn:ufzfeed:8<![CDATA[Chepchirchir et al. 2020]]>The following paper is online now:<br/>Chepchirchir BS, Zhou X, Paschke A, Schüürmann G 2020. Polyethersulfone as suitable passive sampler for waterborne hydrophobic organic compounds – Laboratory calibration and field test in the Sosiani river, Kenya. <em>Sci. Total. Environ., in press<br/></em>2019-11-05T11:51:00+01:002019-11-05T12:12:00+01:00urn:ufzfeeditem:8-226<![CDATA[Hovorka et al. 2019]]>The following paper is online now:<br/>Hovorka Š, Vrbka P, Bermúdez-Salguero C, Böhme A, Dohnal V 2019. Air–water partitioning of C5 and C6 alkanones: Measurement, critical compilation, correlation, and recommended data. <em>J. Chem. Eng. Data</em>, <em>in press</em>.2019-10-21T10:30:00+02:002019-10-21T10:34:00+02:00urn:ufzfeeditem:8-225<![CDATA[Publications in the UFZ Department Ecological Chemistry]]>If subscribed, this feeds will immediately inform you when a new paper with participation of our department will be available online, or when an article that is already online will be printed.2012-10-10T13:39:00+02:002012-10-10T14:34:00+02:00urn:ufzfeeditem:8-92