<![CDATA[Publications]]>new papers online and printed2021-02-24T11:23:00+01:00urn:ufzfeed:8<![CDATA[Zhang et al. 2021]]>The following paper is available printed now:<br/>Zhang S, Adrian L, Schüürmann G 2021. <em>Dehalococcoides</em>-mediated B12-dependent reductive dehalogenation of aromatics does not proceed through outer-sphere electron transfer. <em>Environ. Sci. Technol.</em> <u>54</u>: 15751–15758.2021-02-24T11:17:00+01:002021-02-24T11:23:00+01:00urn:ufzfeeditem:8-243<![CDATA[Grodtke et al. 2020]]>Grodtke M, Paschke A, Harzdorf J, Krauss M, Schüürmann G 2020. Calibration and field application of the Atlantic HLB disk containing Chemcatcher<sup>®</sup> passive sampler – Quantitative monitoring of herbicides, other pesticides and transformation products in German streams. <em>J. Hazard Mater.</em> <u>20</u>: 124538.<br/>2020-12-14T11:31:00+01:002020-12-14T11:33:00+01:00urn:ufzfeeditem:8-242<![CDATA[Publications in the UFZ Department Ecological Chemistry]]>If subscribed, this feeds will immediately inform you when a new paper with participation of our department will be available online, or when an article that is already online will be printed.2012-10-10T13:39:00+02:002012-10-10T14:34:00+02:00urn:ufzfeeditem:8-92