<![CDATA[ChemProp]]>Notification on new Chemprop versions2022-11-14T15:35:00+01:00urn:ufzfeed:7<![CDATA[new Link for ChemProp download]]>Dear ChemProp users,<br/><br/>our download server will be replaced by a new system. The new server is working already, and you can download ChemProp 6.1 from the new location. A file on the old server contains all necessary information to access the new server. Future updates of ChemProp will only be available on the new server.<br/><br/>2014-08-18T13:58:00+02:002014-08-18T14:07:00+02:00urn:ufzfeeditem:7-89<![CDATA[Welcome to the ChemProp Feed]]>From now, you will be notified automatically when a new ChemProp version is available.2012-10-10T10:19:00+02:002012-10-10T14:18:00+02:00urn:ufzfeeditem:7-85