Hydogeologische Untersuchung durch DIRECT PUSH mit dem GEOPROBE-System auf dem UFZ-Gelände in Bad Lauchstädt. Foto: André Künzelmann / UFZ

MOSAIC - Comprehensive subsurface exploration

MOSAIC (Model Driven Site Assessment, Information and Control) is a platform for model-based, high-resolution exploration of complex subsurface structures through the application and combination of minimally invasive methods. Therefore, MOSAIC facilitates the investigation of large-scale field sites with complex geology. The platform integrates various methods, including direct push technologies, on-site analytical methods, geophysical and tomographic techniques, as well as hydrogeological methods. Moreover, an innovative approach is adaptive site investigation, which optimizes the exploration process in terms of quality and time by dynamically utilizing suitable methods within the MOSAIC platform.


  • Research and development of innovative monitoring and exploration technologies as well as their practical establishment due to projects and cooperation projects with industry partners, universities and other research institutions
  • Technology transfer (training courses for technical authorities and engineering consultants, workshops and pilot studies)

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