MIKAT Workshop on Photobiotechnology III: Products, Perspectives and Technologies

13th & 14th of December 2021
Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig, Germany

With great pleasure we invite you to this year’s MIKAT workshop “MIKAT Workshop on Photobiotechnology III: Products, Perspectives and Technologies”, which will take place in person, in Leipzig on the 13th & 14th of December 2021.

With the effects of climate change becoming more and more visible all over the world, the need for a carbon-neutral (photo-)bioeconomy is as urgent as never. Photobiotechnology has the potential to provide not only carbon-neutral energy carriers, but also a variety of fine and bulk chemicals or even food supplements. In fact, significant progress has been made over the past years in terms of products, genetic engineering and cultivation technology. However, scientists are often ‘only’ experts in one of the above mentioned fields and lack inside knowledge of key numbers and recent advances from the respective other fields for the integration and transfer of knowledge.

This 3rd issue of the MIKAT workshop wants to bring together university and industrial researcher working on the broad topic of photo-biotechnology to share their latest research, key numbers and visions for a sustainable (photo-)bioeconomy.

The MIKAT – Center for Biocatalysis is an expert cluster and aims at connecting institutes, SMEs, industry, and universities. We hope that our selected speakers initiate discussions, generate new ideas and fund new projects. We also want to invite all participants to present their own projects in the form of a poster or a small booth.

Like in the years before, we are able to host this workshop free of charge. Regarding the corona-situation, we are confident that this workshop can take place as planned under 3G (vaccinated, recovered or tested) conditions and with a hygiene concept.

If you are interested please use this link to register.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Leipzig!

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Schmid
Dr. rer. nat. Fabian Brandenburg