#6 Water sample preparation with solid-phase extraction



The CitePro module “Water sample preparation with solid-phase extraction” is used for the extraction of organic compounds from liquid environmental samples for the high throughput biological analysis in modules #1 to #4 and chemical analysis in modules #9 and/or #10. Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is an established and widely used extraction method to enrich organic extracts of organic compounds dissolved in water samples. A vast number of solid phases (sorbents) with a broad range of single- or mixed-mode properties are commercially available. Thus, SPE is easily customizable to achieve the analytical goals.

After the manual filtration step, automated SPE allows unattended conditioning of the cartridges, extraction of the water sample and elution of the cartridges of several water samples in series. The automation enhances precision and repeatability of the extraction to minimize the probability of systematic and occasional errors and thus facilitates comparability between samples.


Extraction and enrichment of dissolved organic compounds in water samples.

Main components

1. Filtration units
2. SmartPrep automated solid phase extraction system
3. Horizon XcelVap concentration units




Aquatic Ecosystems



Small-stream monitoring

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