Laboratory Department PhyDiv

Laboratory Department Physiological Diversity

Department Physiological Diversity has a modern well-equipped laboratory with various analytical technologies. An essential aspect of our work is the elemental analysis of plant, soil and aquatic samples. Another focus is the cultivation and physiological characterisation of phytoplankton organisms as a model to study diversity.

Our laboratory equipment includes:

• Elemental Analyzer for measurement of total carbon and nitrogen in solid samples.
• ICP-OES system for multi-element analysis in acid digestions and soil eluates.
• Microwave for pressure digestion of organic samples.
• Platereader for measurement of absorption and fluorescence in microtiter plates.
• Near-infrared spectrometer for non-destructive elemental analysis in solid samples.
• Scheibler Apparatus for determination of carbonate in soils.
• Imaging Flow Cytometer for characterisation of cell populations and pollen.
• Climate chamber for controlled cultivation of cell cultures.
• Phyto-PAM for measurements of photosynthesis in mixed algae cultures.
• Ion chromatography for analysis of carbohydrates in plant extracts and culture media.