Theses, internships and job postings

We appreciate your interest in our work and look forward to receiving your application for a thesis, an internship or a job advertisement.


It is possible to write a thesis (BSc./MSc.) in the Department of Bioenergy. The current thesis topics and contact persons can be found on the thesis webpage: Open subjects for BSc and MSc theses

Internship & Student Work

It is possible to complete internships of several weeks as part of the project work in the department. Internships should last a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 weeks and should be included in your study regulations. To ensure the most effective assignment, please apply with reference to our currently ongoing research projects. Information on this can be found here. Please plan a lead time of several months from the time of application to the start of the internship!

If you are interested in an internship, please send a letter of application, your CV, references, and the desired internship period (preferably in a PDF file) to the e-recruting portal.

Internships are not remunerated. The selection of applicants for an internship is based on professional suitability and available supervision capacities. Please also note that your application must be based on a course of study, a pre-study internship, or a training or continuing education program. We require the approval of the Federal Employment Agency for applicants who would like to complete an internship to improve their chances on the labor market.

Current job postings

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