Internships / Final Theses

Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Theses at the Dept. of Soil System Science

We offer highly motivated, qualified students and PhD students a supervision of practical training and final theses within our research projects.
If you are interested in any of the research topics of the department, please send your request by email to Antje Heyne (Office, Dept. BOSYS). Convince us of your motivation and give us an insight into your education and professional qualifications. Please also include the period and the type of job (internship, bachelor thesis, master thesis, doctoral thesis).

For official announcements of job offers please go to the UFZ career website.

Job offers

Offers for Students and Graduate Assistants

There are funds available for student and graduate assistant work, which gives you the possibility to learn more about the research topics of the department and to contribute to them. If you are interested, please contact Antje Heyne (Office, Dept. BOSYS).