Corporate Design

The UFZ design stands for a modern, dynamic and self-confident UFZ and its research object - the terrestrial environment. It also shows that it belongs to the Helmholtz Association.

In the CD manual you will find all the graphic specifications of the corporate design. It defines the individual basic design elements such as logo, colour, typography and provides information on application guidelines and helps to standardize the external image. The documentation is to be regarded as an orientation and work instrument.

UFZ logo

The UFZ logo consists of the UFZ writing and a semicircle. The logo represents the UFZ on all communication and information media and is thus an important part of the UFZ's image.

The UFZ logo is generally used in the colored representation on white. The inverse version of the logo is used in exceptional cases. The UFZ logo may only be used for commercial purposes after consultation.

The UFZ logo can only be used for commercial purposes after consulting with us.

UFZ Logo Blue
UFZ Logo White