working group structure

Research Topics

Sustainability Narratives

What are core narratives of sustainability and transformations?

Can existing narratives promote sustainability and how?

Transformative Governance and Science-Policy-Society Interfaces

How can governance structures and processes become more transformative?

How can science policy society interfaces be improved?

Behaviour and Instruments

How can policy instruments support sustainability transformations?

Which insights from the behavioural sciences help to foster sustainable behaviour?

Sustainability Narratives (Sina Leipold)

Affiliated scientists: Prof. Dr. Sina Leipold, Dr. Diana Ayeh, Dr. Anran Luo, Leonie Büttner, Mira Kopp, Dr. Carmen Perez del Pulgar Frowein, Henry Hempel, Theresa Herdlitschka

Current projects: Themenkolleg Governance Monitor, Identifying key factors that make sustainable mobility transitions last, Parts of Future Landscapes