Centre Development and Scientific Controlling

The staff unit Centre Development and Scientific Controlling (ZENCO) supports the executive management board of the UFZ with information processing, in the preparation stages of decision-making processes and with advice in centre planning and control (scientific controlling). Doing so, the staff unit ensures that all scientific management operations run smoothly. This enables the UFZ to successfully carry out its role as a centre of competence for integrative environmental research and system solutions.

The tasks of ZENCO include among other things facilitating und maintaining scientific cooperation with universities and strategic partnerships, strategic personnel planning in the field of R&D and supporting the management board in the initiation of strategic projects and initiative as well as during the continued development of the UFZ organisational structure considering the UFZ environmental management strategy. Furthermore, the staff unit supports the executive management in the development of the centre’s organizational structure and coordinates the compilation of the documents for the Scientific Advisory Board and the Supervisory Board.

A central scope of ZENCO´s duties is to work in close collaboration with the Helmholtz Association. In this context the staff unit coordinates and supports programme-oriented funding (POF) activities of the UFZ in the Helmholtz research field "Earth and Environment", Helmholtz large investments and Helmholtz committees and networks such as the Working Group Forum Sustainability. Such activities include the cooperation with national science organisations, ministries and other authorities.


Dr. Dagmar Rosenow
Deputy Head
Preparation of board meetings (Scientific Advisory Board), environmental observatories
Phone +49 341 6025-1057

Dr. Andreas Menzel

Deputy Head
Helmholtz affairs, reporting (performance indicators), statistical key data and performance indicators, programme-oriented funding and its evaluation
Phone +49 341 6025-1363

Dr. Hartwig Pohl

Reporting (scientific contents), preparation of board meetings (Supervisory Board), large-scale investments
Phone +49 341 6025-1667

Ursula Schmitz

International cooperation, PEER - Partnership for European Environment Research, organisation of the tenure track process, coordination of the UFZ Awards
Phone +49 341 6025-1833

Irini Giannikaki

Coordination of reporting (focus on key figures), analysis of scientific performance indicators (e.g. for the MVG reports of the scientific heads) and preparation of the reports, coordination of UFZ prices
Phone +49 341 6025-1254

Peggy Kirsten

Environmental management coordination , UFZ delegate in the HGF working group Forum Sustainability, support in procurement planning for large-scale equipment
Phone +49 341 6025-4762

Kai Alexander Fornahl

Project Manager InHand@UFZ - Institutionalization of research security for international scientific cooperation
Phone +49 341 6025-3112

Jette Wüst

Support in procurement planning for large-scale equipment, Assistance in reporting and preparation of board meetings, vacation replacement for secretariat
Phone +49 341 6025-1253