Institute of Advanced Technology Integration (IATI)

The Institute of Advanced Technology Integration (IATI) is a new research institute in Oman, established through the Research Council (TRC) of Oman. IATI's tasks will be to conduct research focusing on practical applications, implement the results in the form of products, processes and services and successfully launch the latter on national and regional markets. Thus, IATI is supposed to close a "gap" between university and economy. Priority will be given to research in the fields of energy and water resources. Within the research fields IATI and the Helmholtz centres GEOMAR, GFZ, and UFZ are launching pilot projects that are meant to provide the foundation for IATI.

IPMInnovation Park Muscat (IPM) and the future IATI building.

UFZ is involved in two of these pilot projects in the reserach field water. The pilot project (IATI-WW) is led by UFZ. The pilot project (IATI-SGD) is led by GEOMAR.

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