Current joint CAWR projects

Below you can find a list of current CAWR projects containing only those projects with participation of both UFZ and TU Dresden, and a short presentation of each project. Additional projects associated with the CAWR where only one partner institution is involved are listed on the pages of the Thematic fields.

  • DFG TregaTa (TUD Meteorology, UFZ Lake Research) TregaTa
  • VW MANTRA-Rivers (TUD Meteorology, Urban Water Management; UFZ Aquatic Ecosystems Analysis et al.) MANTRA
  • DFG SQuAd (UFZ Monitoring and Exploration Technologies, TUD Meteorology)
  • DFG-NSFC Modelling Platform Prototype Poyang Lake (UFZ Environmental Informatics, TUD Hydrobiology et al) Poyang
  • DFG Regen als Grundwassertracer – (TUD Groundwater Management, UFZ Monitoring and Exploration Technologies) RegenTracer
  • BMBF/BMUB ArKoNaVera (TUD Hydrobiology, UFZ River Ecology et al.) ArKoNaVera
  • BMBF Urban Catchments (UFZ  Environmental Informatics, Lake Research; TUD Urban Water Management, Hydrobiology et al.) UC
  • Helmholtz RCEIS (UFZ Environmental Informatics; TUD Geoinformatics et al.) RCEIS
  • DFG SPP DynaTrait (UFZ Lake Research, River Ecology, Aquatic Ecosystems Analysis; TUD Hydrobiology ez al.)
  • Geoprocessing AppStore (TUD Geoinformatics; UFZ Landscape Ecology et al.)
  • BMBF BOOT Monitoring (TUD Urban Water Management, UFZ River Ecology - associated et al.)
  • BMBF GLUES (TUD Geoinformatics, UFZ Landscape Ecology et al.)
  • BMBF ICOS Deutschland (UFZ Computational Hydrosystems, TUD Meteorology et al.)
  • DFG MARZIPAN (TUD Forest Biometry and Forest Systems Analysi, UFZ Environmental Informatics) MARZIPAN
  • DFG ESTIMATE (UFZ Monitoring and Exploration Technologies, TUD Groundwater Management) ESTIMATE
  • PLETTNER Foundation Junior Research Group "DOC in Surface Waters" (TUD Hydrology, UFZ Hydrogeology and Analytics et al.)
  • DFG INCIDENT (UFZ Monitoring and Exploration Technologies, Environmental Informatics, TUD Groundwater Management, Urban Water Management)